Goin’ with the flow…

At least that’s what I need to learn to do. In the realm of personal growth, I have been wanting to learn not to stress when my day careens out of control. Easier said than done for a perfectionist who likes to control things.

Take today for instance. At 81 years old, sometimes it is nice to accompany my father to certain doctor’s appointments to be an extra set of ears. My brain assumed the 9am appointment would last about 30 minutes, as it was just a consultation for cataract surgery. Afterwards I could get started on my list of things to do. TWO HOURS LATER we walked out of the office!!! I had a choice to make. Get frustrated and stress myself out, or make the best of it. So, we dropped some things off at a friend’s store, then dad offered to treat me to an early lunch at our favorite sourdough sandwich place. We enjoyed sandwiches, then chose to delay taking our daily walk due to his eyes still being dilated and overly sensitive to the sunlight.

It’s after noon now. I have crossed nothing off my list. But that’s ok. I have spent the time with a loved one. In the end, I won’t regret that, and the gardening, ordering supplements, and not critical phone calls can wait until tomorrow. Today, I passed the “Go with the flow” test. Hopefully, I can continue that streak tomorrow.

9pm Update: The flow that began as class one rapids quickly escalated into helmet wearing, adrenaline pumping class fours. A last minute appointment for tomorrow means a total change of schedule for the day, which means the important things I can’t do tomorrow will have to be done today. To top it off, my honey asked me to accompany home back to his office at 8pm to meet with a female client for document signatures. I am now physically and mentally exhausted. A piece of coffee cake may be just the thing to help… or it may keep me from sleeping tonight. Either way, it sure tasted good.


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