It was a good day…

Spring means so much to me. It’s kinda a multi-purpose time for me. The feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread is approaching, as well as warmer air and sunshine. My thoughts turn to removing leaven from my home and leaven/sin from my heart. When I say son, I am referring to sin as defined in 1 John 1:4, disobedience to Gods instructions as found in the Old Testament of the Bible and the spirit of which defined by my messiah Yeshua/Jesus in the New Testament.

Spring is also a time for me to get my hands dirty in the garden. In the garden, I get to be alone, in fresh air. This year, as I weed my yard (by hand), I pray and ask Yahweh God to remove unforgiveness and wrong responses to things in my life, so that I can love others the way he loves me. I ask him to prune my life of anything that isn’t bearing good fruit. I thank him for his mercy. By the time I came into the house to take a bath, I was calm, a bit tired, and refreshed.

It’s nice to finish a day feeling like I accomplished something, feeling clean, and being at peace. I hope you also have those moments of peace in your life.


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