Doing what I do

Get the tune to the song “Sitting on a dock of the bay” in your mind, cuz that’s what’s in mine. Now put these words to it, “Sutton’ on a bench in the food court, watching the people walk away.”

I am at a Costco this morning chatting snow tires removed on my husband’s car. To make sure I am first in line, and have less time to spend exorbitant amounts of money in the store, I get here at 9:15ish. The leather seat of the wheelchair in the cart area is way warmer than the cement ledges to sit on, so I chose that, no matter how silly I look. I don’t have enough meat on my tushi to keep it warm on cement. Around 9:40, a chatty gal joins me at the door. That is one thing I enjoy about the early morning wait, meeting interesting people. Sometimes there are just a few people, sometimes a mob, depends on the weather.

That was my morning.


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