Coffee break!

Only I can’t have coffee!!! Apparently it nullifies the homeopathic remedies I have been trying to control my hot flashes, or power surges as some prefer to say. The real bummer about that is that I have avoided becoming a coffee drinker for 53 years. It wasn’t until last summer that I started, and only because I had found the perfect recipe for joy in a cup.

You see, there was this recipe in a magazine for cold brewed coffee, and I decided to try it for my honey, who is a two large cups a day man. Anyway, I made it with the organic Brazilian coffee that we order from Sleepy Monk Coffee in Cannon Beach, OR. On the periodic occasions that I did drink coffee, Brazilian seemed to be the only type I could stomach, that is with the right amount of sugary creamer. I know it is beginning to sound like I am a non coffee drinking coffee snob, but I can explain. I had coffee when we visited some friends for a weekend. Normally I would just sip whatever was served, and pour half out. It was more about the act then the taste. That morning’s coffee changed everything! Smooth, buttery, not acidic. If I was ever going to drink coffee, it would be Brazilian. So, I started buying it for my honey, so that I could periodically imbibe with him on a lazy Sabbath morning.

So… here I am. Taking a break from the hustle of my day, and I can’t sip on my liquid joy. Insert sad faces emoji here.

What hustle am I taking a break from? I am so glad you asked! After preparing breakfast for my honey and starting my before the weekend chores, I ran over to the rental we have sold. There were some items on the inspection that need to get fixed. Today was mostly cleaning up and clearing out. The doors and trim will be installed Sunday, and the handyman will be there Monday or Tuesday to do the things I physically cannot. Replace vent boots on the roof, create a new hole in the door jam so the door latch will go into it and keep the door closed, and other such stuff. After leaving there, I picked up my dry cleaning (yes, that is a real thing when you wear wool sweaters and dresses. It’s not just in movies), stopped by the store to see what new plants had arrived for the garden, popped by the local home improvement store to get some “black goop to coat the nail heads with” when we fix the vent boots, and return some unused pipe insulation. I polished off the last of the potato chips I keep in the car on the way home to get some lunch, which had to wait until I unloaded my car and put things away. That is the perfectionist in me.

After my non coffee drinking coffee break there will be a few more chores to finish up my Sabbath preparations. Hopefully I will have time to make a sweet potato pie to serve cold for breakfast! My favorite way to start Sabbath.

I make mine with puréed sweet potato, substitute three eggs for the arrowroot powder, and I add a drop of each spice in essential oils for an extra kick. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!


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