After waking from a very decent night sleep (that’s another story), I took those old supplements that are supposed to be good for my health and wondered downstairs. Spanky, the black cat, followed quickly behind me hoping for an early morning foray in the backyard. Now that the weather had turned to beautiful, she will be begging to go out whenever I am near the back door. Oatmeal was made for my honey, and I chowed down the last piece of Sabbath sweet potato pie while skimming the local papers for any news worth reading. To make sure we are all drinking enough water daily, I fill water bottles daily. We all aim to drink what is filled at least, more if possible. I added straight cranberry juice to mine to ward off a possible UTI.

I took my dad for a walk around the neighborhood park. I know, taking my dad for a walk sounds like I am walking a pet. I have deliberately started saying that to get a giggle out of people. At 81 years old, my dad can keep a pretty good pace up, although I would consider it my stroll pace. This is just fine with me. For me it is more about the sunshine, the fresh air, the sounds of the birds and so much more. It is a time of connecting with my dad on a human level. We are both fairly busy people, and I may or may not see him throughout the day, even though he lives with us. He goes to the library, the post office, visits a friend at work and brings her the local supermarket adds, takes a short walk with another gal he knows, and so much more.

And now, I sit on the couch, blogging. One cat is on the couch with me, another is peacefully snoozing on the carpet below the couch. I have a half hour before my crazy day shifts into fourth gear. I have to bring water out to our property to water the Apple trees we planted last year. Hopefully the well will be in soon. We are in line for it. Then I head to our vacant rental. For the next two weeks I have to spend time there watering the lawns so they don’t die before the new owners take possession. I will turn on the sprinklers, head to my chiropractic appointment, then head back to the rental to move the sprinkler, stoping at a local juice bar on the way for some liquid lunch.

Since I will have a couple hours until a coffee date with a friend and her daughter, I will spend time at the rental filling out paperwork to get temporary power installed on our property so the builders don’t have to use a generator for long. I found out yesterday that this process may take up to a month to complete. YIKES! So, after coffee, I may go price out generators, just in case. I was also planning to find one of those big, water coolers that they use for sports drinks at football games, you know, the ones they pour over the coaches head when they win a big game, to make sure there is water on site. By then it will be time to head home and fix dinner for my honey and I. Dad usually goes out for dinner with friends twice a week. I think I will make a veggie quiche. Or leftover chicken noodle soup. We’ll see what I am in the mood for when the time arises.

In the past, a day like today might have exhausted me. But, I have found that when I make time for something that brings me joy (coffee with a friend), I do better with morE busy-ness. I hope you find peace in the midst of whatever chaos fills your day today!


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