That moment…

We all have them. That moment, when everything changes. Sometimes a schedule is thrown into chaos, other times it is life. In the past these moments have stressed me out, caused me to get frustrated and angry. Today, it makes me smile. The stuff I had on my schedule can wait another day, or two. I can leave the van at the shop overnight if necessary and get it in the morning. The companies I need to call will still be in business tomorrow. Sure, the weeds between the fence and the sidewalk may be a bit bigger, just makes them easier to pull.

The moment was a phone call from my honey letting me know that I needed to fit two more appointments into my day. I am happy to have the flexibility of schedule to accommodate the fluidity of life. He has been good for me, helping me to “go with the flow” instead of being so rigid with things. I am happy to share life with him.

I am happy that it didn’t stress me out and ruin my day. Hopefully that means I am adjusting and learning that not everything needs to be a stress. Besides, I may have a few minutes to lay on the floor in our rental and close my eyes while I wait for the final inspection. I want to learn to make the best of every situation, to find something good in everything.

I hope you find something to enjoy in your chaos of life.


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