Dumb decisions…

Play dodgeball during recess, with a cast on my arm, a week before it was due to come off. Of course, I fell, and hurt the other wrist. I came home from the doctor’s appointment with the cast off, but a splint on the other.

Dumb decision.

Wear short shorts to the fair at the age of 14. I believe God protected me from my own stupidity here. Ugly things could have happened in that small town.

Dumb decision.

Making the choice to wear a camisole to work on our shop, in the sun, with no shade for five hours. I have only been this red one other time in my life. Owie!

Dumb decision.

Dumb decisions. We all make them. We all end up regretting them in the long run. But, they are what shape us into the human beings we are. It is those experiences that teach us, mold us, stretch us and make us better than before.

Always remember, dumb decisions do not mean we are dumb, it just means we are human. Learn from those mistakes and grow because of them.

May you see that dumb decisions are normal and choose to use them to be smarter!


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