Pleasantly surprised…

I don’t know about you, but I am always willing to try something new once. Especially when it comes to health.

This week was a tough one. I was sick, sicker than I have been in a long time. Sunday was the nasty sore throat, Monday and Tuesday were fever sore throat coughing sneezing, etc. By Wednesday I was definitely on the upswing with no fever. Thursday was better although I could tell I had a bit of a sinus infection. And today, Friday, I am feeling considerably better with very little residual left over. This is unusual for me, as when I get a cold it usually ends up in a sinus infection that lasts for 2 to 3 weeks. So what did I do differently? I tried out my homeopathy kit.

Here’s what that looks like. First I Google: homeopathic remedies for colds. I find a list, read through it, and choose the one that has the symptoms closest to mine. I chose to follow something unofficially called practical homeopathy. I used it one dose every three hours for the first day. Since my second day had different symptoms, I looked up homeopathic remedies for fever and then follow the same protocol for the next two days. I vaguely remembered in my reading, that there had been a comment about possibly having to use more than one different remedy as symptoms in a cold/flu changed. So, once the fever broke and I could tell it was going into my head/sinuses, it was back to Google for sinus colds. Since I was already feeling considerably better, I decided to only take three doses of that remedy during the day. I awoke this morning with no coughing fit, no horrible pain in my face, and a good outlook for the day.

I would be a little more specific with the remedies I used, however I know that the remedy I used for fever, may not work for what someone else experiences with fever. Homeopathy is kinda personalized for each person and how they experience an illness. If you are looking for education on how to use homeopathy, the internet abounds with it. For practical usage of homeopathy, I would recommend a website called for just information There was another site called that I used to use to look up each remedy and it’s properties, etc., however it has since disappeared off of the internet. I am not surprised. It seems that many things that actually work seem to disappear from our access on the Internet.

So why am I pleasantly surprised? Because, like I said, usually these types of colds last a lot longer. I am increasingly becoming a fan of homeopathy.

And so my day begins. The sun is shining, I am feeling pretty darned good, and there is much to do. I will start with an offering of thanks to Yahweh my God for providing the time to be down without too much guilt, and for bodies that can heal from sickness. Then, the sky is the limit! I wish anyone reading this an amazing day!!


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