Someday… I’ll write a book about my life.

Someday… I’ll start quilting.

Someday… I’ll stop volunteering… nah, probably not.

Someday…. I will make time for my digital scrapbooking.

Someday… Life will be less busy.

Someday… I will start exercising regularly.

Someday… I will visit Israel and Italy.

Someday… I will settle down in one home for longer than five years.


Today… I ate dinner out on the porch.

Today… I volunteered to do the flowers for a friends wedding.

Today… I helped my husband with the one project he wanted to get done this weekend. We cleaned the garage.

Today… I made up things for my dad to help me with, because he needs to feel needed.

Today… I used my favorite essential oils after a shower to feel pretty. Rose, Neroli and Magnolia. Yea, all three at the same time.

Today… right now… I am sitting on our patio swing, in the cool breeze of dusk, with our cat, sharing my thoughts with unknown friends. Thanks for listening.

Make today, your someday.


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