Getting ready…

Start pulling outfits from the closet, make sure to remember something warm, just in case. Don’t forget shoes for semi formal dress, and pack Spanks slimmer for sheath dress. (I may look pretty good for my age, but a slimmer just helps with the confidence, as long as it is not too hot to wear).

Set toiletries out on the counter so I don’t forget anything.

Make time to polish my toenails.

Touch bases with the construction foreman about being gone, and what I need to do before I leave. Make sure to write paychecks.

Get key to our friend who will be entertaining the cats while we are gone. Make sure there is food on the counter, and put the favored toy where he sees it when he arrives.

Write notes in calendar to harvest all blueberries the morning we leave and freeze.

Trim an inch off the ends of my hair (where did all that grey come from?).

Put the suitcase out where the cat can see it and get used to the idea that we are getting ready to be gone for a few days. (Make sure she doesn’t puke in it between now and when we leave).

Eat leftovers for the next couple days to clear out the fridge.

MOSQUITO REPELLENT WIPES!!! Don’t forget those!!! And make sure to pack your Apis and Lavender oil, just in case they sneak past the barrier.


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