We have walls!

I arrived at the work site yesterday to find the gas company laying lines, the well company starting to drill and walls up on the shop.

An exciting day! Especially since the gas company had not communicated with me about coming a date or time they would be there. Fortunately we were ready for them. I Knew the well guys would be there, but it was still a thrill to see them there with their big trucks. I probably spent half an hour spent just watching the well drill. That was fascinating to watch the process. Insert a drill bit into a pipe, crane it to the top of the rig, attach it to the top thingy, weld the new pipe to the one already mostly in the ground, pound that one on, and repeat. I had to ask what the fluffy white stuff was that periodically flew out of a pipe. It looked like dryer fluff. Turns out it is what white granite rock looks like after it has been pulverized and had a framing agent added to it so it can be removed.

The first set of walls on the garage section of our shop were up too. Now the drawings are coming to life, and it looks exactly like we’d hoped it would. Window openings, door openings, stair areas. So excited, and grateful for an amazing foreman and great crew. So many folks in our area are struggling to keep subs on the job, and thus far we feel blessed. It is a small crew, so it may take a bit longer than the mass produced developments, but that is OK. They hope to have the shop dried in and weather proofed by September, then we will move over to the house and try to get it also weatherproofed before wet weather hits. Then we can finish the inside work during the winter, and hopefully have it ready to move into early next summer.

Today, may something thrill you and bring you joy!


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