Home run!!!

And she knocks it outta the park!!! When our son was young, everything was about baseball. But, apparently, baseball isn’t the only career that uses the term “home run”. That is also the term used for the run of wire from an electrical panel to the beginning of a circuit. I have now run a dozen home runs in our new home from outlet circuits to the panel. This usually means running it up to the top of a wall, through a drilled hole, across numerous rafters and then back down a wall. Most of the time it is easiest to just climb up into the rafters and carry the wire to where it belongs. But sometimes the path it has to follow is too small for my adult body, petite as I am. In those cases, I have to use a ladder or lean over from a higher spot.

This has been a huge physical challenge for me, and my hands, arms and shoulders have taken a beating. I am learning that just because I can do something doesn’t mean I should, and I am learning to ask for help. I am also getting a huge appreciation for plumbers and electricians. The supplies are expensive, even at contractor prices and the work is hard. I understand a bit more why my electrical inspector asked if I was going to be pulling wire, and then repeated the question when I said yes.

I am also extremely grateful to God for his daily protection, for my crew and myself. Just yesterday, I was drilling a hole for the wire, when the drill got lose from my control and it threw/twisted my entire arm up to the shoulder. The pain was unbearable for a few minutes while I cried and cradled it. Then I took inventory. I could still move fingers, the wrist and elbow. I was pretty sure I didn’t break anything, but had obviously wrenched some tendons and ligaments. I left early and have been taking it easy and nursing it. Essential oils, and homeopathy and rest. Hopefully I will be able to get back to work tomorrow. There are certain movements that bring pain, and I will avoid them until it is healed up. I thank my GOD that it wasn’t worse.

Take a moment to consider the protection we are daily given by GOD who created us and loves us. How many times have we driven our cars safely to and from someplace? How many sicknesses have we recovered from? I never want to take that for granted, and often utter a simple “thank you Yah for your protection” when I get into and out of my vehicle.


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