Build update…

Where do I begin? The longer this building project goes on, the more I realize that there is no such thing as a perfect house. Each trade makes “mistakes” which they say aren’t mistakes. Many will leave things undone for the next guy to take care of. Everyone has different opinions of what is part of their job and what isn’t. As the old saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20.” Going forward, I will only give work to those who provide me with an extremely detailed quote for services they will provide. This will eliminate most confusion and a lot of stress for me.

Drywall is in, the texture should be finished by Friday, painters arrive Monday. Then the fun stuff starts. Flooring, cabinets, light fixtures, toilets, trim, closet racks, and more. It is beginning to look like a house! Most services that follow have been interviewed and scheduled and deposits made. I do still have some misc things to deal with. I haven’t ordered shower doors. They keep getting put on hold since they aren’t necessary for moving in. My focus has shifted to doing only what needs to be done to pass inspections and allow us to move in by June 1st.

We are praising YHWH our God, who sold our house in one hour, in spite of COVID19, one day before our state issued a stay at home order, and realtors were issued cease in person client meetings and showings. We needed that reassurance that God was with us. He is so good to his children.

Now the clock is ticking. We have a move out/in date. The house has to be ready by that date. There is not time to be angry for little things left undone by a contractor, just time to get them done. No time to wait around for someone to get it done, phone calls have to be made to correct things, to get things done. adjustments need to be made. I need to “go with the flow”. Fortunately, construction is considered an essential business.


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