Crazy times…

It’s Friday. I am sitting on a curb at our local U-Haul dealership. It’s about 40 degrees with clouds. my father should be here to pick me up in a few minutes. Our neighboring state shut down all construction related activities yesterday. So, today I am trying to stay one step ahead of government, while doing my due diligence of social distancing.

Today I went to the flooring warehouse and had them load up all my flooring into the U-Haul twenty foot truck. I hate driving those things, but i felt it needed to get done. After a quick unload with the help of three strong, hopefully temporarily unemployed men, I headed to the paint store to pickup our twenty nine five gallon buckets of paint. They brought them out to the curb while we all stood a safe distance away, then we loaded them into the truck, drove the two miles to our property and unloaded them into the now insulated and warmer than the outside garage. I wrote a few checks, and headed home. The trim package would have to wait, because some of it would have to come from the local place’s main warehouse in the neighboring state, which was now closed.

The construction related freeze also has our kitchen cabinets sitting in a warehouse with no one allowed to deliver or let us pick them up ourselves. We have until May 15th to get the house done. That’s when our house sale is scheduled to close. Did I mention that YHWH God sold our house in an hour on Monday? It went live on our local listing service at noon, had its first showing scheduled ten minutes later and an hour later we were informed they were writing an offer! I was undone. Humbled and thankful, I spent a few minutes on my knees in prayer and tears. Seems the tears flow more often right now. Seems that is the best way for my body to let go of stress.

Anyway. Now I am refocusing my attention from completing, to what are the bare minimums that need to get done to occupy the house in the worst case scenario. Those things will be priority, everything else can get done later if necessary. God willing, there is no worst case scenario. At least there is only one worker in the house at a time, so social distancing happens pretty naturally.

I pray you are all healthy, and making the best of whatever your situation is. Look for the silver lining, look for something good! There’s always something to be g r ate full for!


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