Here I am, waiting again. This time it is at the local plumbing supply store. Procedure is that you order online, drive up, call, and then wait for them to bring it out to you. It’s the same at the electric supply store down the road.

It seems I wait a lot these days. I am grateful that the virus did t hit until we were close to finishing our house. I can’t imaging all the time I would have lost when I had lots of shopping to do earlier in the process. At Home Depot, I have to wait in line to get into the store as they are limiting the amount of people in the store at any given time. LOWES on the other hand, doesn’t limit people in the store, but there are always socially distanced lines to check out. I either spend fifteen minutes waiting to get into a store, or fifteen minutes waiting to get out of a store.

I am trying to remember to be extra friendly Wi the workers and other shoppers. Smile when I can, say hello if my mask is on, always be patient and say I understand when they explain that they have to wipe things down between customers. They got it tough. Not everyone is being understanding. Frustration mounts with every wait in line.

I have also been waiting for the stay at home order to end so I can get some major grandkid hugs and time. The last time I chatted with them via messenger video, I told my grandkids, ages twelve and almost ten, that they were living in historic times. That one day they would tell their grandchildren that they lived through the pandemic of 2020. They didn’t really grasp the magnitude of it. But many people never live through a unique situation like this. They will understand a bit more as they grow older.

I guess I should be thankful for the waiting. At least it gives me some down time each day. I hope you can find some good thing in your waiting.


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