It has been a full year since we began building our shop and house. We probably should have focused on the house first, then the shop, but, as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

We sold our house on April 1st. Fortunately, the buyers didn’t want to close until May 15th. That contract started the timer. With that, the chaos began. Days with several subs working at a time, meant massive changes daily. Combine that with packing up the house we were moving from and the days whizzed past at warp speed, and soon it was time to move.

The move took twelve hours with three professional movers, my father and myself. My honey had a full day at work. It was an extremely long day. The house still has some misc. things left to finish. Shelving, handrails, curtain rods, etc. Boxes fill the garage and empty wall spaces. The kitchen counter is littered with pots and lids waiting for their final home hanging on the pantry wall. Someday soon, the pictures will be hung, extra linens will be put away. Until then, I will live with what my mind sees as chaos.

The one thing about this move I did not anticipate was how it would affect my 82 year old father. I noticed a bit more confusion than normal, and he has been a bit cranky with me. Everything changed, the location of kitchen tools, how to fit things into different spaces, having clutter around instead of order. I completely understand. From what I have heard from friends, it could take a few months for him to fully feel comfortable with all the change. I am just grateful that he was so willing to make the move after living with us in the same house for eight years.

The other unique thing I didn’t anticipate was the lack of feeling like I was living somewhere new. In the past, moving meant moving into a home we had only been in once or twice for an hour. In this case, I have spent six days a week in the new house building it. I already knew the layout, the sizes, locations of light switches, etc. this was a familiar move. Sure, I still fumble for a switch in the closet, until I remember it is outside the closet. I still look out the windows and am surprised at what I see, but I am comfortable. And I will be more comfortable as the boxes disappear and things are put where they belong. Whether that be a shelf, in the garage, or in the yard sale box. I look forward to re-establishing some routines. Friday is Sabbath preparation day. Clean the house, prepare a special Sabbath breakfast, do the laundry. Sunday’s are my gardening days. Get out and garden before it gets too hot, then work indoors for the afternoon. Wednesday afternoon ice cream dates with our grands.

As I breathe a deep sigh, I realize that I have so much to be thankful for in spite of the lack of routine. I have a roof over my head, food in my belly, and a family who loves me. Honestly, I am blessed. I hope you feel that way about your life too, no matter what your circumstances are.


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