Building update…

Whew! We have now lived in our new home for almost three months. Most of the boxes are unpacked, I finally feel organized. We got our garden beds into place, filled with compost, and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, various squashes and greens.

The weather finally dried the ground enough to get our final backfill around the buildings done in mid July. About an acre and a half of the space around the house has been rototilled and derocked in preparations for sprinklers and hydro seeding. The sprinklers will be running almost 24/7 to keep the new seed wet enough to sprout.

Many, but not all of the little odds and ends that we needed to do around the house has been done. I still need to trim around the base of cabinetry, and prime and paint the three drywall patches. I plan to make an acoustic panel for our great room to cut down on some of the echo in the large room.

I finally found someone to side the shop for us. It has been tough finding contractors/subs who have time in their schedules. Everyone is so crazy busy around here. The ductless heat pump system goes into the shop next week. Hopefully the insulators can come in the following week, and drywallers by the end of the month. Then it will be painters, electricians with final fixtures, plumbers to put the bathroom and kitchen fixtures in and the stair railing installations. Then carpet for the upstairs and cabinets.

I am still getting the gas line issue dealt with from the meter to the house. Once we can connect to the meter, we will have in floor heat for the shop and a working fireplace for the house. In reviewing remits for the house, I found that the heating company forgot to get a final inspection for the split system for the house. I informed them and they have renewed the expired permit and ordered the inspection for next week. I am so tired of permits and inspections.

Yah willing, we will have the bulk of the shop finished by the end of the year. I am looking forward to getting out of building mode and into maintenance mode. I hope you also have something that you can be looking forward to.


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