Ahhhhh. That’s the sound that escaped my lips as I sat on the couch and kicked my feet up to talk to my daughter. It had been a very long day and my dogs were tired. I can tell by the pain that I am already feeling that I will need to take some of my Rhus Tox (a homeopathic remedy for stiffness that is better with motion) so that I can walk in the middle of the night. Maybe it will help my sore shoulder too. I have always had flat feet, and working all day long on them is very hard.

We are in the homestretch on finishing the shop. My worker texted this morning and said he could come by at 11. I wasn’t expecting him until tomorrow so I told him anytime today is bonus time for me. I told him the painters were finished and the paint was dry, the electricians are electricianing, and it is a beautiful day in my neighborhood (a nod to Mr. Rogers there). I felt a great sense of joy this morning knowing that we only have some final touches to do to be finished.

Cabinets need to be installed, and the plumbing fixtures put in, then we are ready to fire up the boiler for the in floor heat. The stair railing‘s go in next week, and I am in process getting carpeting arranged for the stairs and upper room. It is exciting, but it has been a long run. I am ready for it to be over.

I have things around the house I need to get done once I am finished building the shop. My new windshield is whistling and they need to inspect it, the cats need their nails clipped, I have a box of mending that is waiting it’s turn, and so much more.

Today I filled the diesel gas can, refilled both diesel heaters (my least favorite job), helped install a wood beam, went to the home improvement store to pick out a fan and light fixture for the bathroom, and ran a few other errands to prepare for a Hanukkah gathering. I found a beautiful, large fan for the balcony space. It looks like an old windmill that came out of an old barn. Some might say I happened on it by chance. I prefer to think that Yahweh my God led me to it to bless my honey.

Although my feet feel good being up on the couch, my day is not over. I have some sabbath preparation to start, and I told my honey I would go to a clients house with him in about a half hour. Time to power through.


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