My thought train:

Here I start my day on the dark again

I should start a blog post with that.

Buck it up big girl.

I don’t want to write something negative.

It will be a beautiful day. I can’t see the weather yet, but it will be what I make it.

I don’t want to come off sucky sweet though. Life isn’t all beauty.

But I do want to be like Granny Polly. She could always find something to be happy about, to laugh about, even when she was in pain. What a beautiful woman she was. Polly was my step grandmother in law. She was a tiny woman, who called herself an “Okie”. I can only assume she was from Oklahoma. I wish I had spent time asking her about her life growing up. When did she marry, what was her husband like (I think she was a widow when I met her). She only had one child (to the best of my knowledge), and they were close. Her daughter on the other hand had a son, that we know nothing about. They never talked.

Have you ever met someone elderly, and thought to yourself, I hope that is what I am like when I am older? Polly was that person to me. My father is also one of those people, although for different reasons. He is a workhorse, a man of principle. At 82, he wants to keep doing as much as he used to. My sister often says “you can’t let him do THAT!” I say, if I find him dead in the yard, face down in the dirt after gardening or mowing the lawn, at least I will know he died happy. I don’t want him wasting away in a rocking chair. Although, to be perfectly honest, I could find him dead in his tv watching chair with an unfinished crochet project in his lap too. But, that is a memory for another post.

I hope that in reading this, it has maybe sparked a pleasant memory for you, that will bring a bit of a smile to your lips. Hope you have an awesome day!


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