It started out like all the other days I went to pick up our grandkids from school. I made the quick, five minute drive to the school, found a place to park, and went to get the grandson. That’s where everything went sideways.

Once he pointed me out to his teacher, who smiled knowingly, we began to walk towards the car when I mentioned that I we would be coming back later to get his sister, who was going to be playing a chess game. That’s when I got suckered. He said, “Grammi, I was hoping to play her opponents younger brother in chess while she played. I said that would be fine, that I would pick him when I picked up his sister. Check. That’s when he said, well, I need an adult to supervise since it is after school…. checkmate. Game over. Grandson 1, Grammi 0.

How do you say no to that? I can’t. So… here I sit, a a table in the school lobby, while they play chess upstairs. Apparently, I wasn’t needed. I decided to catch up on some research.

I looked up how to cut choppy bangs, since I hate heavy, straight across the eyebrow bangs, which is what I ended up with after my last haircut.

Next, I researched homeopathic remedies for animals that have anxiety or fear of people. Our cats love us, and when they hear us come home, they come out, but the minute someone other than us comes through a door, they vanish to hide under a bed. We would like them to come out and be a part of the family. Argentum Nitricum seems to be the recommended remedy for animal anxiety. Since we are having our best friends over on Friday evening, and they would live to make friends with the cats, I will be slipping some Argentum into their drinking water Thursday night. Hopefully it works.

After that, a text to one of my daughter’s friends was necessary. she is the caregiver for her mother, who recently came home after a stint in the hospital for a genetic condition she suffers from. I had helped with some housecleaning that had been neglected too long while her mom was in the hospital. She had mentioned that they may need to hire a house cleaner and lawn mower, since she was having a hard time maintaining things, working full time and helping her mother. I asked my 83 year old father to research what resources she may have available for that type of thing and was able to send her some info today as well as let her know she hasn’t been forgotten.

I was also able to catch up on some Caring Bridge reading. We have a friend going through treatment for an aggressive form of lymphoma. To keep everyone informed of his progress at the same time, he posts updates on his Caring Bridge page. He is a prolific writer, posting something every day. And, he has a way with words. Sometimes posting humorous stories about his journey, sometimes inspiring stories, sometimes words of encouragement for others who may be going through tough times, and sometimes just praising God for being alive!

So, the unexpected time of sitting has become a productive and welcome distraction to my usual business. And now it is time to say goodbye! The games are done, both grands were victorious and it is time to head home while we wait for their mom and baby sister to come join us for dinner. Dad, our son, has to work late meeting with parents for conferences.

I hope you can look for the good in the unexpected events that seem to derail your plans for the day. Hope you have a great night!


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