A new trick…

The kittens we got back in October are now almost eight months old, both weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs. they aren’t overweight, just big.

Statler is the black one. His personality is very mellow. He would be happy to sleep all day. Although, I do sense that if he was outdoors, he would be a good hunter. Then, there’s Waldo. He is the mischief maker. He likes to pull the rubber caps off the ends of our metal closet shelves, untie the ribbons that hold my curtains back and pull the decorative metal cap off the bolt that holds the front door handle on. He

This morning at 5:19, despite the earplugs I was wearing, I heard a metallic thud. I pulled off my eye cover and much to my surprise, the bedroom door had been opened and both cats were squeezing through the open door. I had seen Waldo try to open a door once by stretching full length and pulling the lever. Apparently, he succeeded this morning. He was so proud of himself. He strutted into the middle of the room and plopped down into a full stretch out.

Sounds like sleeping with them closed out of the bedroom may be a thing of the past. I could lock the door, but then I would have to listen to him trying for a few nights until he figured out that I won that battle. We’ll see what tonight holds.


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