A Tale of Two Kitties…

I often marvel at how two people or cats can come from the same parents and yet are so magnificently different.

Take, for example our two cats who just turned one. Statler is all black, a little overweight, stealthy, hunts his toys like prey. Waldo is a grey tiger, a lean mean fighting machine, a bit clumsy, and is all about playtime.

Statler gently and elegantly slinks from a standing position to a full out stretch and lay down. Waldo flops.


Statler will scratch on anything and everything, vertical (upholstered chair backs, mattress sides) and horizontal (wall to wall carpet, and area rugs). Can you hear me screaming on the inside? Waldo will only scratch on the scratching post they have had since kittenhood. I hope when I have to re-twine it, he will continue this wonderful habit and not pick up his brothers bad habit.

They are also different when it comes to eating. If I put a piece of chicken on the floor for each of them, Statler goes right at it, while Waldo takes his time. If Statler finishes first, he will often be the pig and go over and take whatever is left from Waldo. Waldo doesn’t put up a fight at all. BUT, on the rare occasion the tables turn, all “you know what” can erupt if Waldo is caught even glancing towards Statler’s treat. The growling will usually keep Waldo at bay. Phew!

Statler mid yawn

Statler used to be aggressive in looking for attention, often weaving between our legs while we walked, jumping into my empty lap whenever I sat down. That has changed, and he is more content now to be independent. Waldo on the other hand won’t jump into a lap. He will wander a room kinda whining. He enjoys leading you to his scratching post in the master bedroom and flopping down for you to pet his tummy.

Statler has never waken me in the middle of the night. Waldo often walks the length of my body, on it, from my knees to my chest, just to sniff my face. Presumably checking to see if I am awake and want to play. This morning at 4:30, he actually brought his mon descript black rat toy (as I call it) up onto the bed to play with, hoping to engage me. I took it and hid it under the covers. He left me alone, but it’s always hard to get back to real sleep after that.

I do realize that all this will evolve over time, as does human behavior. For now, I really enjoy their differences. Over my lifetime, I have often thanked Yahuah/Yahweh/Yehovah, the God of the Bible for making this world such a beautiful place. For all the colors, instead of black and white. For the different physical and personality traits of people. It would be boring if we all looked or acted the same. I hope this inspires you to look around, and appreciate the differences in mankind, and this amazing earth we call home and everything on it. And, if I have made you giggle, then I have been successful. Hope you have an awesome day!


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