My day…

My day began around 4:45. I woke up to use the bathroom. That stirred the cats, so I laid in bed a while hoping to go back to sleep. I will usually thank Yah/God for the many things in my life I consider blessings. A warm bed, cats to purr and a husband who loves me.

By 5:15 it’s time to get up. I meander into the office where my clothing drying rack is and grab my clean gardening clothes. After dressing, it’s into the kitchen to fix oatmeal, pour everyone’s water for the day, pull my honey’s apple slices with peanut butter out of the fridge. I usually walk out to the end of the driveway to grab the newspaper while the oatmeal is heating. The dishes that dried on the counter overnight get put away, and a protein shake is made for my father’s breakfast. The newspaper is read while I eat my breakfast, today, oatmeal with previously frozen blueberries. Around 7:00ish, it’s out the garage door to start whatever gardening is on the schedule for the day. Today, my nice flowerbed in the crook of the driveway needed weeding. Some grass seed always seems to sneak into the beds no matter how careful they spray.

This summer, watering is a daily occurrence. My father typically waters the veggies, blueberries and roses, I water the porch pots that have flowers and herbs in them. I found myself ready to just let things die the other day, as I was weary of watering everyday. Most summers, the mulch holds enough water to go at least a couple, if not a few days in between watering. Not this year. And so, I water. By 9:00am sweat is pouring down my face and I start cleaning up to head indoors. Weeds get bagged, tools go back to the tool bench. A final walk through the garden to make sure everything is in order. Then check the monster zucchini plants for those zucchini that were little yesterday and monsters today. Today, we have no more freezer space for veggies, so most of the such will go to the local food bank.

Head into the kitchen to divvy up the squash, then remember the Swiss chard needs to be harvested and processed. Go back out to cut the chard, being it in to wash, inspect for bugs and cut up for our next stir fry. My dad is a stir fry king. Since it is getting close to 11:00 now, I shift gears and toss a load of laundry into the washer, and take a few minutes to fold and put away the wash clothes that have been sitting on the counter for a couple days now.

What’s that sound? A cat, digging in a food dish, that’s sitting on the counter waiting to be refilled!!! Shoo the cat off the counter, get more food and refill it. Where was I?

Since I have been away for almost seven hours now, my tummy is grumbling for some food. Make a roast beef cheddar sandwich with some fruit and veggies on the side (maybe a cookie to top it off). If the local paper has arrived I will read that while I eat lunch, otherwise, I sit with my daily planner open to review what still needs to be done. I am also winding down energy wise, so a nap is in order.

The green sectional in our bonus room is my napping spot of choice. A feather pillow and a down blanket, paired with the purr of our big boy cuddled up next to me makes for the perfect nap.

Fast forward to 2:00pm. Feeling refreshed and ready to go, I put my socks and shoes back on, and head out the door to get a couple hours of mowing in. The tractor mower is pulled out of the shop, ear protection is applied and let the noise and vibration begin. I enjoy creating fun patterns on the new lawn. I hope to bring a smile to anyone in the private jets flying low overhead. Periodic pauses are taken for electrolyte consumption. Once I finish with that, I let the mower cool, then get it all cleaned and rinsed down before re-parking it i. The shop and heading inside to clean up. I am trying hard to get showered and clean before my honey comes home each night. That works about 75% of the time.

Dad on the mower

If I am in charge of dinner, preparation begins. If dad is cooking, I will prep some snacks for my honey, or toss a couple loves of sweet bread together. I tend to just keep working h til my honey gets home. Makes for a long day and a stiff back. Dinner is usually eaten with my father, as it is hard for me to eat much past 7:00pm. Once again, I put away clean dishes and scoop litter boxes while waiting for my honey’s arrival. Once he comes home, it is time to wind down. Listen to him vent about his day, watch some tv, maybe join him for dessert before 9:30 rolls around and I am drifting off to sleep. I make sure to stretch my calves to help my flat feet while we watch tv.

After brushing teeth, we crawl into bed, and play several games of solitaire on our handheld games. He beats me 9 out of 10 nights, winning more than one game, whereas I can go a week without a win. A sweet kiss goodnight, and he leaves me to drift off to sleep. He on the other hand is a night of, and is off to watch some news and such.

I hope you can find joy in dropping into bed after a productive day. Remember, even if all you managed to do was keep your kids alive, you were productive. Even if your day was behind a desk, you came home to your family. Let that feel good.


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