My threshold…

I am overwhelmed. A friend’s brother in law was killed and she is grieving. Another friends husband was hospitalized due to Covid. The situation in Afghanistan is gut wrenching. Another college friend is battling for his life against cancer. My hauling truck (van) broke down. We have a chunk of flooring removed in our great room where the kitchen table should be deafeningly loud fans, heater and dehumidifier running in our main room to dry the subfloor out. Plus a huge chunk of the wall open to the siding due to a ductless heat pump split head that, apparently has been leaking since being installed a year ago. Our spending is out of control. Food prices are horrendous! I can’t get out of the supermarket for under a hundred bucks anymore, and get fewer bags. There has been so much to do trying to get all the outside projects done before winter that I haven’t been napping in the afternoons, which is critical since I am waking up at 4am every morning no matter what time I go to sleep. My honey is stressed because of his job, which stresses me. Retirement is five years away, and we don’t feel prepared. I can’t travel to see our daughter and grandsons oversees because her country is closed to tourists. She can’t come here because of the unpredictability of international travel.

It was finding the floor water damage that really pushed me over the top of my threshold. I call it my “I need a good cry and a piece of chocolate cream pie” threshold. I told my chiropractor that when he asked how I was doing, and he proceeded to explain to me why a good cry helps. Apparently tears of joy or sadness are chemically different from overwhelm tears. Overwhelm tears actually clear out excess stress hormones from the body, thus, making you feel better.

Which leads to a less stressed ending to this post. It is amazing to me that our creator, created our bodies to self cleanse out excess chemicals/hormones that can be toxic if left inside. That is a miraculous thing! At least in my book it is. Now, if I can just get past the feelings of embarrassment and let the tears fly when they want to come out, instead of stuffing them for a more convenient moment… Here’s to a good cry, chocolate pie and better health because of it. And huge praises to the Creator who made our bodies such amazing machines!!


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