Shifting gears…

As the weather begins to shift from summer to fall, I also begin to shift. Yes, there are physical things that need to be done to prepare the property for winter. But my mental state begins to change also.

I begin looking forward to being indoors more. Since I (and the cats) typically wake at first light, I may get more sleep with sunrise coming later. My kitchen floor will get a good cleaning. I’m not a mop person. I prefer to get on my hands and knees with lots of rags. The mending bin will (hopefully) get emptied. I say hopefully, because there are a couple of projects I am not looking forward to. My honey has a good coat that needs a new zipper. I’m not sure I want to do that one. It’s pretty heavy, I’m not sure my machine can handle it. That one may get farmed out. Then there’s giving the great room a good dusting. Drywall repair throws super fine, white dust everywhere.

Besides the many indoor chores that were put on hold during garden season, there are projects that call out to me. My twice yearly scrapbook weekends have been on hold due to the hosting facility’s new group restrictions. Each time I attend, I am usually able to knock out a couple albums. This year, I have a first year book for our youngest grandchild, and I wanted to get another yearly book and our house building journey book completed. There are a few ladies in my life who have suggested I use my shop and create my own scrapbook weekend. I have been resistant. For me, the time was about being away from all of my responsibilities. About having someone else cook and do dishes. About visiting with twice a year friends. About being able to go to bed when I want, and wake when I want. Did I mention being away from responsibilities?

I have a wool sweater quilt cut, pinned and ready to sew. There’s a canvas wall project I started over a year ago that really needs to be dusted off and put together. My desk could use a going through, and I have some organizing to do.

As I looked through my recipe book this morning for something warm to fix on this damp morning, I began to look forward to pumpkin spiced pancakes again, and baked, fruity oatmeal cake. Blackberry cobbler, served warm instead of cold.

Writing this blog is good for me. It reminds me that, I spite of the world changing in ways I never imagined or enjoy, I have an awful lot to look forward to that (should) remain the same. I am so thankful for the constants in my life. Waking up, time with my family, a good meal, and the faithfulness of God to his children. He has been merciful to me all my life, and I humbly look forward to his continuing mercy each day. I hope you also have constants to look forward to today and tomorrow.


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