Birthday letter

Wednesday was my birthday. I turned 56 years old. Our son and his family joined us and our close friends. My honey gave me two cards, one from him, one from the cats. He has always had a sense of humor. I opened the one from my “boys” and there was a typed letter inside. After reading the first paragraph and my eyes seeing the words “Dad said it was OK”, I began to panic. However, panic quickly gave way to belly laughing and laughing tears as I continued reading. I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully it will start your day out with a smile!

The card front.

To the Best Cat Mom Ever!

Hey Mom! Guess what!!! We got you a present for your birthday!

We know that you will never find two kitties as wonderful and well behaved as we are, but we have been talking about you to a couple of our friends on FurBook and they all want to be adopted by you. Isn’t that great news?! We told them all that we have plenty of room and that our food just magically appears everyday, and that our poop magically disappears too!!

We know that you like to get some sleep sometimes, so we have put together a sign-up schedule for your lap and have built in two five minute bathroom breaks every day, and also three hours of interrupted sleep every night. Aren’t you excited?!

If you aren’t as excited about this as we are, then just stare at all the eyes on the front of this card for about an hour or so and that should make you feel much better about this. If you still aren’t as excited about our birthday present to you as we are, I just want you to know that this was all Waldo’s idea and that I had nothing to do with it.

Thanks Mom! We love you very much and hope you have the best birthday ever!

With love, Statler & Waldorf (above two hand drawn paw prints.

PS We already talked to Dad and he said yes.

PSS We slo may need a couple of extra cat toys. Just saying.

Statler (black cat) Waldo (grey cat)

The tears streamed down my cheeks as I laughed my way through reading the letter aloud to everyone at the kitchen table. When the lighter died down, my honey apologized for not giving me a present. I reassured him that he had given me a present. You have to understand, he hates writing. This was one of the best gifts he could have given me. He spent time to create something. He had fun doing it. It blessed me and made me laugh. It was a huge win-win for us.

I hope you enjoyed the laughs as much as I did. And, if you have never owned a cat, and therefore didn’t understand some of the references (interrupted sleep, poop magically disappearing, etc), I have a few extra kitties I can send your way….


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