He’s sloshed…

Sloshed. That word should date me. When I was a teen in the early 80’s (yikes!) that word meant drunk. I’m not sure what the word for that is today, but it’s probably not the same.

The he in the title is referring to Waldo, our biggest cat. Although he is over twenty pounds at this point, he is still very much the kitten at only a year and a half. Waldo has a fascination with water. Not a negative, I have rabies type fascination, but the “I have to see it move” type fascination.

It started out the first time he noticed the water in the humidifier tank bubble. He would sit for hours watching and waiting for it to bubble. Then he would bat at it, peer around and through it trying to figure it out. After that, he moved to the water dish. Oy vey! When the cats were younger, they would often wrestle around their water dish in our bathroom, frequently sloshing the water all over the floor. The solution to a wet floor was to move the plastic container into the wall in shower. If it got knocked, the water was contained in a made for wet spot.

Fast forward to the present. Once Waldo got bored with the humidifier, he began to deliberately move their water dish around in the shower to get the water to move. That quickly turned to aggressive moving of the water dish so the water would slosh out of the dish and onto the pebble textured shower floor, where he would try to keep it from getting down the drain. Now, although our floors are dry, they have cute, large cat ow tracks from the shower to the bedroom.

Waldo getting sloshed

Whenever I see him in the shower playing with the water, sloshing it about, I think it’s funny to tell people that my cat likes to get sloshed. Now, you may, or may not appreciate my attempt at humor, but hopefully this has pinged a picture in your mind that will make you giggle or at the very least smile whenever you hear the word sloshed, or see a cat in a shower or a water dish.


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