Fun project….

My father recently decided to switch headboards. He preferred one from another bed that we were using. We have it back to him and decided to replace it since we also weren’t fond of the one he switched out. It was a heavy golden oak piece.

We decided to donate it to a local charity. Thrift store, after thrift store said “no.” Apparently oak headboards, especially without a footboard are impossible to sell. Eeesh.

The headboard before

My honey said to take it to the dumps, but I hate scrapping a perfectly good piece of furniture. My creative, anti-disposable mind went to work pondering what could be done with it. Maybe I could cut the bottom portion off and use it as a mounted wall shelf. Practically speaking, it was just too heavy for that. Then as I looked around a room we were furnishing, I wondered if I could make it into a console table for an entry area. I googled “DIY headboard into console table”, and sure enough, I was not the only woman to have thought of this! Thank you house of Hepworths for the encouragement!

Day one: I measured for height and pulled out my trusty power tools and set to work. After an hour I had removed the “leg” hinges, cut off the excess, re-attached the shorter legs and secured them to be immovable.

Day two: Look through my current stock of spray paint, then off to the store I went to purchase enough spray primer and spray paint to cover an elephant. I am not a sand it down, use chemicals type of gal, so I figured that if I used enough primer, the paint should stick. Here’s hoping.

Day three: figure out how to drag the beast out of the garage by myself to get it into the sun so it will actually dry in 45 degree weather. I am a tualy pretty proud of myself for figuring that one out. Two plastic bin lids worked great as sliders. I went through two cans of white primer, then emptied 5 partial cans of flat black primer/paint combos, all the while wondering how I got five partial cans in my stash. I am usually good about using a partial before starting a new can. But wait! I digress. After the flat black, I coated it with gloss black, then a final coat of black polyurethane.

Drying outside
Finished project. Still need to put the drawers in the center with fun pulls.

I must say, I am pretty happy with the results! My mindset as I age is be adventurous! Take risks! What is the worst that can happen? It is usually way less serious than we think. I hope you too can step out of your comfort zone to be adventurous and take chances. There is so much beauty and fun to be had in this amazing world we have been placed in!!


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