This delicious smoothie has become one of my favorite meal replacements. Since I can’t find coconut kefir locally, and don’t have the emotional strength to figure out how to make it, I buy a cashew vanilla yogurt and do t add the sweetener. If you have the will power to save some for the next day, it will be pretty thick. Just add some alternative milk to it and enjoy! Delicious and filling!

This website has been a good one for me, and if you are a female grappling with out of control hormones, maybe some of her stuff can help you too. Her supplements are terrific too! I use her Zinc because it has no fillers, and her B Maximus has really helped to calm my daily stress.

And a side note. I recently freeze dried a quart of this (one recipe) and our 1 year old grand daughter enjoyed sucking on some pieces as I packaged up the lovely purple powder into a mason jar. I plan to bring it with me to a personal retreat I have planned at a local camp. Since it is winter, and I will be the only camper there, I decided to bring my own meals. This will make a lovely lunch on one of the days.


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