Sounds like the name of a song from a Broadway musical to me! However, this recipe has become a new Sabbath morning breakfast favorite!!!

I have been trying new recipes from a Book called Overcoming Estrogen Dominance by Magdalena Wszelaki, CH, HHC. It is listed under desserts, but I had it for breakfast this morning with a bit of smoothy. Following is a link to this gal’s website.

Without further ado, here it is!

Batatada or Sweet Potato Bread

I loved it so much when I sampled it, I decided to make a second batch today to freeze. A couple notes:

You could easily use a can of sweet potato purée.

I use essential oil instead of zest.

It fits in an 8×8” baking dish or the equivalent.

The first time I made it with 1/3 cup un-packed sugar, and it was plenty sweet.

And the second time I made it with half GF flour and half almond flour. and it tastes just as delicious!!!

I hope tasting this brings a smile to your face, and much joy to your tastebuds!!


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