Hot flashes…

6:30am: Dress in layers for the day. Tank top, tee shirt, sweater.

9:17am: strip off the sweater

9:21am: put it back on.

11:48am: strip off the sweater and tee shirt.

11:50am: put tee shirt back on

11:55am: put sweater back on

5:56pm: strip off sweater, turn heaters in house off to cool it for night time.

6:15pm: put sweater back on.

2:00am: throw all covers off of body, wipe sweat from back of neck, take off jammy tank. Lie awake for who knows how long until skin starts to feel cool. Pull covers back over.

4:15am-ish: throw covers off of body (again), move pillow over to cool side of bed. Wait for body to cool, then shift to cool side, pull covers back on and try to get back to sleep.

5:30am-ish: wake up hot again, give up on sleeping and wake up to start the new day.

I hope you never have to experience hot flashes. However, if you do, know you are not alone.


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