Our Anniversary: Day 2…

My day began at 5ish. After a few wake ups, I finally decided to get out of bed. I quietly slipped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I helped myself to some cashew yogurt and fixed myself a bed on the couch. I figured I would lay down and pray until I hopefully fall back asleep. I put my earplugs back in, and pulled my sleep mask over my eyes.

It was 8:44 when I opened my eyes again. I could hear my honey reading the newspaper in the bedroom. I sneaked in for a quick snuggle, then made him some oatmeal. To my surprise, he decided to come out into the living room to eat instead of going back to sleep. We talked, then flipped through the tv channels available. We eventually landed on an original episode of Batman. We laughed so hard!!! Oh my! It was so ridiculous! And to think, as a child, I loved that show!

Around 10:30 we decided to check out the Sauna, which was a quick walk across the parking lot. One minute in, my honey decided he would prefer the hot tub. He left, I stayed. Until I realized he would prefer having me with him. So I hopped out the extra large, swimmable hot tub. There was a music channel of the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s playing. We both exercised our warmed muscles. Him his bad knee, me my bad ankle/foot. We swam around a bit, and played “who sang it?” One of our favorite games. I am fortunate that as my honey ages, his advantage in the game is giving way to a bit of forgetfulness. It levels the playing field a bit.

After showering, and changing clothes, we got in the car for a little explore. We took a back road into the nearest town and found a very old lodge on the lake. It was stunning, and we decided to eat lunch there. I had a lovely cauliflower crust “flatbread”. Not sure when pizza started being called flatbread, but it was delicious! Wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes with fontina cheese. I ate the whole thing and it didn’t bother my stomach. After walking the property and taking pictures, we drove into town to walk around.

It had a cute business area, about 3 blocks long, made to look like the old west. We were grateful that there were covered walkways everywhere, since it was a rainy day. We stopped at an ice cream place that had rave reviews. It was good, but not great. Between the sugar and milk, my gut started hurting. We decided to stop and buy some veggies at the local supermarket. I bought a salad, some cantaloupe chunks, and a small bowl of chicken wild rice soup. My honey bought a salad and a sandwich. We headed back to our condo to eat and ended up watching a mission impossible movie with a bowl of popcorn before retiring.


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