Our Anniversary: Day 3

Day three began with another early morning, followed by another morning in the hot tub. We enjoyed the time, but we’re a bit disappointed that the music wasn’t playing. We enjoy reminiscing about the good old days.

After showering, it was off to a cafe in town known for their breakfast menu. We had a 30 minute wait, but it didn’t disappoint. Tummy’s full, but not too full, we headed out to explore, with no place specific on the agenda. We drove to one little town and walked around. Nothing spectacular. Then we headed to the lake and drove around it for a while, enjoying the scenery and a couple artsy fartsy towns. we saw a cool place that looked busy and pulled in, only to realize it was a wedding venue. We aren’t wedding crushers, so we headed back onto the open road. We decided to head back grab some ready to eat food from the local supermarket and head home early for dinner and a movie.

We had such a nice time just being with each other. And, my honey’s clients left him alone for the most part! It was a good day!


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