Lakeside sunrise…

After a very s tress full couple of weeks at home, my honey and I are finally taking a vacation to visit family. We all rented a lakeside cabin close to another family member. I was one of the first two awake in the house, and I couldn’t resist going out back to spend a moment in nature with my creator. And take some pictures of the beauty I saw.

It was fairly silent at first, but soon nature began to wake also. A squirrel began jumping from branch to branch and tree to tree. Two little Jack rabbits came out from the bulrushes to check me out and then continue on their way across the yard. an unknown species of bird perched on a post in the water and began chittering. I watched a flock of geese disturb the glassy water to take off and then listened to their honking as they glided effortlessly just above the water. There was a smoky mist gliding over the water to my left, and the homes across the lake to the right were crisply reflected in the water. I even glanced at the perfect moment to see a fish jump out of the water, and then enjoyed watching the circular ripples expand out until they were no more.

It wasn’t until I found myself waving away mosquitos that I thought I should go back in the house to start the coffee pot and get a bite to eat. I thanked my heavenly father for the incredible beauty and for loving us enough to make such a beautiful world to live in, and then headed indoors.

Mornings like this fill my soul with peace and a deep abiding contentment, that can last for days. I hope you have something like that, something to brings that deep abiding contentment to your soul. If not, I encourage you to search for that thing, or create something that does. hope you have an awesome day.


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