Abiding trust…

Rainbows always remind me of Gods promise to Noah. That promise brings peace to my heart each time I hear it. However, it also reminds me that although Noah had an ark, he and his family still had to endure the flood. I wonder if he felt fear. If he worried about his food supplies lasting. How bad did the ark smell with all those animals on board? Did he get seasick? Did the animals get seasick?

Now, here I am in a storm. Probably not life threatening, but a storm in my eyes anyhow. He has prepared an ark for me to ride out the storm in. And although I am safe under the shadow of his wings, like a baby bird, I still have to ride out the storm. I may get a little seasick. I may feel fear, I may feel frustrated, but I can still trust in his protection.

I don’t always abide in that place. Sometimes when things get ugly in life, I immediately try to fix the situation in my own power. That so rarely works out or brings peace. Eventually I realize, it’s not in my hands. I can relax. Hopefully, someday, I will just walk in that peace all the time, and not stress myself out.

I don’t pretend to understand everything about God. How he works, how he has plans for us, but we have free will. How prayer changes things, even though he is in control. I just know he loves me. I want to remember what my faith was like as a child, before I was taught doctrines, and principles. When I was afraid and would cry out, and he came and rescued me in my bad dream. When I would pray for all the sick people in the world. Simple, child like faith.

I want to go back to that. and I think that’s ok.


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