Sickbed delusions…

I attended our grandson’s regional spelling bee this morning at 9:00. I got to spend about 20 minutes occupying our 2 year old granddaughter in the hallways of the college it was held at. By the time 11am came around, round five was over and I was feeling feverish. I excused myself and came home. There, I got into jammies, crawled into bed and fell fast asleep for the next three hours. I’ve been trying to stay sorta awake since, because I want to be sure I can sleep tonight. Thus, my little ditty.

Why do my male cats insist on cage fighting in a litter box? Every now and then I wake to find litter everywhere in the bathroom, the box lid halfway across the room, the scooper too. It is funny when you get to witness it, but I hate the clean up. If only I could teach them to clean up after themselves. Bwaaahaaahaaa!

My tummy feels a bit nauseous, but also a bit hungry. The few crackers I tried an hour ago have stayed down.

Why is it that we get stay in bed sick whenever we have a busy schedule? We were supposed to have a gal over to discuss some stuff relating to our fellowship gatherings today. Had to go through the process of explaining I was sick, Thanking her for the well wishes, then rescheduling. Tomorrow I am supposed to provide a bride, groom, wedding planner and a mom a tour of our barn/wedding facility. More explaining, finding a creative way to not cancel the tour, and thinking. Not thinking clearly. Good thing this wedding planner is already familiar with the facility from a previous wedding she organized last year on our property.

La la la la la.

I hate being sick. But I am determined to make the best of it. Catch up on some sleep deficits, play some Solitaire on an old hand held game. Sleep more. Lose a couple pounds in the process. Not the best way to do that, but a minor perk of no appetite.

Look for the silver lining folks. It’s usually there. Just, sometimes hon have to look harder than at other times.


3 thoughts on “Sickbed delusions…

  1. Well you don’t sound one bit congested. Which is good. Tells me headache is absent which to my mother’s wisdom was the reason for the fever ((a fever is not a standalone incident)) What I cannot explain though, is why when you’re sooo busy. . . Take the rest you need, my friend. Reschedule what can be rescheduled. But the spelling B– how did the little one do? I bet amazing. I loved that as a child; would stay up till someone stayed alongside me. But the moment I felt I was too close to winning it, I’d misspell on purpose. hehe. Too shy to be the last one standing. Please feel better. I hope my little childhood episode put a smile on your lips. Bless you. Sending healing vibes.


    1. Healing vibes received Selma! Your mother sounds like a wise woman. I was able to reschedule this, that and the other thing so I can continue to let my body do what it does well. Heal. Our grandson came in 7th place. He was disappointed, but he has next year to try again. Thanks for sharing your story. It did make me smile!


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