Wonderous day…

Wow! It’s been a lonnng time since I wrote anything. Here are a few of my ponderings from today.

Waking to find a cat curled up at my feet, began my day with a deep sense of contentment.

I went into the adjacent empty field to retrieve a stray garbage bag in the cool of the morning today. A killdeer led me away from a possible nest, which are nearly impossible to see here, since their spotted eggs look much like the granite rocks the land is littered with. I followed him, hoping not to step on any eggs inadvertently. After bending to pick up the bag, he (she?) proceeded to give me the broken wing show, before charging me. I had seen this on a documentary once, but it was incredible to see first hand.

The joy of finding last years Robin was back, and had found a new nesting spot on the side of our barn. Last year she nested on top of a ladder leaned against the wall. This year, cradled in the crook of some curved, insulated pipes between the wall and a heat pump condenser unit mounted 6” from the wall. Last year there were three eggs, this year there are four. These precious finds always leave me with a sense of wonder, and appreciation for the incredible world our Creator made for us to live in. I will be careful to give that area a wide berth until the babies are gone in 45-60 days.

Watching thunder clouds form during the afternoon hours, and seeing white lighting bolts against the dark gray clouds. Just spectacular.

Seeing flowers begin to bloom with the warmer spring days, and honey bees appearing. so peaceful.

Enjoying the show the cat put on chasing a bug through the living room.

Giving my honey a big hug and neck kiss upon his arrival home from work.

Opening the doors and windows in the evening to cool things off and smelling the sweetness of the heat cooling. I don’t know if that can even describe the intoxicating smell.

And I am anticipating the crisp feel of fresh sheets when I plunk into bed tonight. The perfect end to a pretty perfect day. I hope you have days like this too.


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