Have you ever had one of those sacred moments that gives your life meaning? That makes you think that if that is all I accomplish in my lifetime, I am content?

I recently had one of those moments. Someone told me that in the midst of a horrible time, I said/did something that he says kept him from going out and ending his life. My heart was so deeply touched. I had no idea he was in that dark of a place at that moment. The tears flowed, and I felt humbled, and honored at the same time. It was a moment in time that I could see the physical answer to some prayers. And in that moment, all the doubts about whether my life is making a difference disappeared. If that life, is the only life I have or will ever touch, I know my life will have been well lived. I know that my Heavenly Father will say “well done my good and faithful servant”. I know, that I have made a difference.

I pray, that sometime in your lifetime, you have one of these sacred, eye opening moments, that squash every doubt in your mind about how valuable your life is.


3 thoughts on “Humbled…

  1. That must have been the most beautiful of sacred moments. And it was revealed to you by the protagonist himself. Nothing beats that.
    I have nothing comparable to that happen.
    But I’ve had sacred moments when I confess this is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen ever. And then I find myself wishing my loved ones were around to witness it too. Those are sacred to me.
    The last time that happened (I share because you shared) is when I completed the compiling of three scores of poems I wish to share to the world one day. Not that they were the best poems but that I did my best and that feeling overwhelmed me. They aren’t published yet but merely completing them made me the happiest. And my soul rejoiced.
    Thanks for sharing your moment. It was indeed sacred.


    1. Yes, I also consider those moments of incredible beauty and joy sacred. Your feeling of accomplishment overwhelming you, is the same as what I was feeling. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will someday feel safe enough to share those poems with the world.

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      1. Doing my best to stock up
        on Vitamin- C (courage)

        And I hope peeps aren’t too fast to criticize. (Growing a thick skin too).
        Thanks for your lovely words. Let’s continue to stay tuned for those sacred moments. May this be a lovely month for you. Bless you.

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