Dreams realized…

It’s one thing to dream, and work towards that dream. But it is awe inspiring (at least for me) when that dream begins to take shape.

We have had pictures of what we wanted our house and shop to look like for the last year. Four months ago, they became blueprints, then permits. Permits turned to excavation, then underground utilities, and cement pouring. But this week, something seemingly magical happened. Walls went up. Now that all the prep work is workable, the framing began. First there were two walls across from each other, then a framed garage door space, then staircase walls. Next, the floor joists for the second story were hoisted to the top of that. Soon after the floor and exterior wall sheathing was applied, windows were cut.

All of a sudden, there is a room! With windows and doors! It was turning out exactly how I had imagined, and yet, I was still awed by the fact. I knew on paper the design worked, but to actually see it, to walk in it, wow.

The work will continue on the shop until it is dried in, hopefully in the next thirty days. Then, we move to the house to frame and dry in. That should go quicker, as it is single story, and much of the underground work has already begun.

This moment of blogging is for my sanity. Between the build, maintaining our current residence (lawns, gardens, pets, etc) and preparing for our daughter and her two little ones month long visit, I have been running around like a crazy lady with a wild look in my eyes. Today I realized that I need to take care of myself, which for me means, taking a moment to myself. Read, transfer photos from my phone to PC, take a nap, whatever. I probably need to make an appointment to remove the eyelash extensions that remain.

But every time I think of those walls, I think “Wow.” May you catch a glimpse of the reality of whatever dream you are working towards, and may you sense the “wow” and satisfaction of a job well done.


The dilemma…

My hubby and I rarely have a hard time making decisions. Every home we have bought together was an easy decision. We saw, we felt it was right, we bought. Same thing with the parcel of land we have. We saw it, we felt it was the one, we bought it. And that was no easy task. When we saw it, it already had an offer on it. At the end of the buyer’s contract, they still couldn’t get a loan, so the sellers gave them an extra thirty days. They got their loan, and promptly moved a camper and a water tank out to the property.

Their belongings remained on the property all summer. No, I wasn’t stalking them. The property sits within eyesight of a main road I have to travel to get to and from my grands. Anyhow, early fall I noticed their camper was gone. A week later the water tank and misc stuff was also gone. I told my honey, and he told me to write them a letter offering to buy it. I did, and a few days later they called saying they were just talking about selling. Turns out the wife wanted to have trees acreage, not prairie land. His exact words were, “happy wife, happy life”. We negotiated a price above what they had bought it for, but still at a price we would have paid for the property when we first saw it.

Fast forward four years. The property is now paid off and we are feeling we should build. We sold off the two rentals we had to cash in on the great market we have currently, so we have some cash to build. Our dreams are grandiose, a huge shop for working in and gathering with our extended family in for the holy days. A big house, with enough space for my dad to have some space of his own, and a bonus room over a three car garage for when our daughters family comes for an extended visit each year.

The dilemma, we don’t want to go back into debt. Several years ago we received an inheritance, and have been blessed with the wisdom to be able to increase its value over the years. We live in a home with no mortgage. It is expensive enough to live these days with all the required insurances, utility bills, food, etc. We really feel for people who are struggling with finances. We really don’t want a mortgage again. As we have begun the process of getting blueprints and getting estimates, we are coming to the realization that we may have to downsize our plans. Maybe build the house first, and the shop at a later date? Maybe build a considerably smaller shop and just keep celebrating in our house? Maybe have to compromise on what we are willing to live in space wise and aesthetically? We really need to make some decisions this weekend before the building permits are issued.

We are praying and seeking guidance from trusted people in our lives. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons in whatever part of the world you live in. I know I am.