Liquid joy recipe

I should have shared this yesterday when I rattled on about my coffee snobbery.

I found this recipe in the Costco Connection magazine some time ago. I make the coffee, then pour 20 ounces into a mason jar, and add 4 ounces of my local Fred Meyer Simple Truth Organic Sweet Cream Creamer in. I like (used to like, 😞) keeping it in the fridge and I would take a sip, or gulp periodically throughout the day, as opposed to a cup in the morning. I know you are supposed to dilute the concentrate, but I don’t. Wonder what that says about my “it’s all about the experience” line as opposed to Admitting that I may need the caffeine?

Coffee… the most accepted, legal, addictive drug in the world. But then, I suppose there are plenty of other things that one could say that about. TV, sugar, chocolate, etc. I concede.