Our Anniversary: Day 2…

My day began at 5ish. After a few wake ups, I finally decided to get out of bed. I quietly slipped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I helped myself to some cashew yogurt and fixed myself a bed on the couch. I figured I would lay down and pray until I hopefully fall back asleep. I put my earplugs back in, and pulled my sleep mask over my eyes.

It was 8:44 when I opened my eyes again. I could hear my honey reading the newspaper in the bedroom. I sneaked in for a quick snuggle, then made him some oatmeal. To my surprise, he decided to come out into the living room to eat instead of going back to sleep. We talked, then flipped through the tv channels available. We eventually landed on an original episode of Batman. We laughed so hard!!! Oh my! It was so ridiculous! And to think, as a child, I loved that show!

Around 10:30 we decided to check out the Sauna, which was a quick walk across the parking lot. One minute in, my honey decided he would prefer the hot tub. He left, I stayed. Until I realized he would prefer having me with him. So I hopped out the extra large, swimmable hot tub. There was a music channel of the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s playing. We both exercised our warmed muscles. Him his bad knee, me my bad ankle/foot. We swam around a bit, and played “who sang it?” One of our favorite games. I am fortunate that as my honey ages, his advantage in the game is giving way to a bit of forgetfulness. It levels the playing field a bit.

After showering, and changing clothes, we got in the car for a little explore. We took a back road into the nearest town and found a very old lodge on the lake. It was stunning, and we decided to eat lunch there. I had a lovely cauliflower crust “flatbread”. Not sure when pizza started being called flatbread, but it was delicious! Wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes with fontina cheese. I ate the whole thing and it didn’t bother my stomach. After walking the property and taking pictures, we drove into town to walk around.

It had a cute business area, about 3 blocks long, made to look like the old west. We were grateful that there were covered walkways everywhere, since it was a rainy day. We stopped at an ice cream place that had rave reviews. It was good, but not great. Between the sugar and milk, my gut started hurting. We decided to stop and buy some veggies at the local supermarket. I bought a salad, some cantaloupe chunks, and a small bowl of chicken wild rice soup. My honey bought a salad and a sandwich. We headed back to our condo to eat and ended up watching a mission impossible movie with a bowl of popcorn before retiring.



Yesterday… I was in a hurry getting my clothes hung out to dry that I didn’t see the Praying Mantis that has been hanging around our back porch. He was on the ground in front of my drying rack, and I stepped on him. I feel awful. For some reason this incident has had a profound effect on me. The other day, I showed him to the grands, they asked why he was hanging on the screen. We looked up what they ate and read about them. When we looked again, he was eating something. I developed a respect and appreciation for the majestic, yet carnivorous insect. And now, I may have ended his life…

Yesterday… My honey wanted to check out progress on the shop work. I showed him that we created a mechanical closet and decided on decorative beam sizes and locations. as we went outside so I could show him the pillars and how they were getting wrapped, I was surprised and thrilled to see that the long wall was completely sheathed, and half the battens were on too!! I didn’t realize they had gotten that much done before they left for the weekend.

Yesterday… After dropping my honey’s car off for an oil change and several maintainance items recommended for 120K miles, I came home and found three large bowls of produce on our kitchen counter! Beautiful green peppers, corn, cucumbers, zucchini and an entire bowl of blackberries! What a blessing. Seems some friends of ours wanted to bless us with the abundance of their garden. I immediately sent them a text thanking them.

Yesterday… When I went out to the garage for something, I saw the neighbor’s black cat heading our way for some food and petting. While dinner cooked in the Instant Pot, I sat on the front porch with her. After a few minutes of pets, she lied down on a stair and we both sat quietly, listening to a blackbird in a tree close by, with the periodic buzz of a fly near my head. It was warm in the shade, but pleasant. It was one of those perfect moments, and I was sure to thank Yahuah our Creator for that moment.

Yesterday… Since I like to get my Sabbath meals prepped the day before, I made time for cooking a few things. I had enough time to strip a precooked chicken down and prepare a casserole for my daughter in law for after she has a baby sometime in the next few weeks, make gluten free shortcakes and strawberries for this morning’s Sabbath breakfast, and start the crockpot with the chicken bones and skin to make some fresh chicken stock.

Yesterday… my honey and I walked after dinner, and were awed by seeing the sun setting behind our house. It looked huge, and was deep red colored due to smoke in the air. We could look right at it. It was spectacular.

I hope today, will become a beautiful yesterday for each of you also.


A staple in the finger due to numb fingers.

A wallop to the top of the head when I didn’t see the board above my head in the rafters.

A bruised shin when I missed the last step off the ladder.

A perfectly round bruise on the top of a finger. Still not sure how that got there.

Stiff hands from hours of pulling, holding and hammering.

Chronic shoulder pain from hours of having my arms over my head and moving ladders.

Bi-monthly massages help. The periodic epsom salt and essential oil bath do too, when I can find the time. And the hugs from my honey do too.

That said… I woke up today. I can walk, see, hear, and function. It is a great day and I am grateful to be alive. I won’t be working this hard forever.