Feels good…

This is what I spent my yesterday doing. It took six hours with semi-numb fingers. It was a bit scary until after I got the first one done. After that it was much easier. My electrician friend said it looks great. I am grateful to YHWH God for helping me remember what I was taught, and I feel good about what I accomplished.

I hope you have an “I feel good about what I accomplished” moment today.

Hope you have things



A staple in the finger due to numb fingers.

A wallop to the top of the head when I didn’t see the board above my head in the rafters.

A bruised shin when I missed the last step off the ladder.

A perfectly round bruise on the top of a finger. Still not sure how that got there.

Stiff hands from hours of pulling, holding and hammering.

Chronic shoulder pain from hours of having my arms over my head and moving ladders.

Bi-monthly massages help. The periodic epsom salt and essential oil bath do too, when I can find the time. And the hugs from my honey do too.

That said… I woke up today. I can walk, see, hear, and function. It is a great day and I am grateful to be alive. I won’t be working this hard forever.