Learning flexibility…

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The internet seems to have no solid evidence of where this saying came from, or whether it is an idiom or a proverb. Many cultures have similar sayings. What I find interesting is the fact that the majority of the time I hear it spoken, it is about people. Not just old people, middle aged as well. I have also noticed that it is often used as an excuse. Maybe a person doesn’t want to do something, or hates change. This should not be so.

Years ago, a pastor I respected shared something to the effect that “when we feel there is no room for change and growth, like we have arrived, then we are in a dangerous place.” I tend to agree. As humans, we must be willing to adapt, learn to be flexible.

Over the years, I have been inflexible. Routine was my friend. Any unexpected requests thrown into my schedule caused stress, because I let it. I got frustrated and angry. “How will I get these other things I had planned for today done now?” “Ahh! Now I have to rearrange my schedule to add this car issue in”. With being the general for our house/shop build, routine has flown out the window. My Friday clean the house and prep for Sabbath has disappeared, Sunday mornings in the garden are hot and miss. Wednesday afternoon with the grands too. Now I have to prioritize my lists, and every day things have to get moved around because of the constant and changing demands of building. Calls to pickup supplies, pay an invoice over the phone, be onsite for an inspection, etc. Lack of routine has become my new norm.

I have two choices. Get frustrated that my routines have been turned upside down, or, realize that life will continue if my toilets aren’t cleaned every Friday. Admittedly, i find myself trying to establish new routines (maybe I can move my housecleaning chores to Sunday), but that can be frustrating too. So, I try to just do things based on priority.

It won’t kill me to hire someone to come in and clean once every couple months. The money we are saving on the house by me contracting still far outweighs the money I will spend on that. My pride needs some adjusting too. I won’t say this stretching has been easy, far from it. But, it has been worth it. I can see less stress in both myself and my husband. I was way more go with the flow when we took our trip to see family. That was helpful when we took a wrong turn in the country, when we were running late for something, and more. It was actually nice.

Today, may you learn a new trick, and like it!


Dumb decisions…

Play dodgeball during recess, with a cast on my arm, a week before it was due to come off. Of course, I fell, and hurt the other wrist. I came home from the doctor’s appointment with the cast off, but a splint on the other.

Dumb decision.

Wear short shorts to the fair at the age of 14. I believe God protected me from my own stupidity here. Ugly things could have happened in that small town.

Dumb decision.

Making the choice to wear a camisole to work on our shop, in the sun, with no shade for five hours. I have only been this red one other time in my life. Owie!

Dumb decision.

Dumb decisions. We all make them. We all end up regretting them in the long run. But, they are what shape us into the human beings we are. It is those experiences that teach us, mold us, stretch us and make us better than before.

Always remember, dumb decisions do not mean we are dumb, it just means we are human. Learn from those mistakes and grow because of them.

May you see that dumb decisions are normal and choose to use them to be smarter!

Random thoughts…

I am so thankful to the creator of the universe this morning. For sustaining my life through the night once again, so that I may live another day, and somehow be a light to others, showing forth his love for them.

I am so grateful for insect repellent!! I have an awesome essential oil recipe I use. Smells good, is natural, and works! I brought a pack of baby wipes soaked in it to a friends house last night. We went for dinner, they live in the woods, last time I was there I came home bumpy and itchy. I felt the first “landing” on my arm around 8pm. I quietly slipped to the foyer where my purse was, wiped down all exposed skin, and enjoyed the rest of the night “landing, bump and itch” free.

Our permits to build were approved this week! So exciting. It took a month to get something that should have taken a week. Our area is definitely experiencing a building boom. Monday, my honey and I, go into the community development department, sign our names in front of their notary, pay our fees, and “poof” we are official! Let the framing begin! Ok, let the cement pouring on the footings begin first.

On a related note, last night my husband was sharing about feeling very unprepared for teaching at church this morning. He hates that feeling. We both do. Both of us like to feel in control and prepared. I have also been feeling very out of control with the whole building process. Everything seems to be happening so fast. We need to order wood so the guys can prep window headers while waiting for the permits, but the companies I asked for bids from are still working on them, so we buy from the company we think will have the best pricing. Our DIY in floor heating has taken an interesting turn too. We have hired a guy/consulting company to prepare the schematics of the system for us, and the control panel. We will lay everything, and connect it to the main panel, etc. however to get the permit for the mechanical, I have to provide “calculations” about capacities, oem something, and lots of other techie words I know nothing about. When I asked if they do that, or could help me with that, they said that the HVAC contractor usually does that, and asked if I had one. Ummm. No. Doesn’t DIY mean do it yourself, or, in other words, you won’t need to hire and pay an HVAC contractor for this project? At first I was angry, really angry. However, after a drive to the big city thirty minutes away, with my calm me down music by Brian Crain playing softly in my ears, I came off that ledge and began to think about how we could solve the issue. Was that a moment of personal growth? Oh my! This old dog is not too old to learn a new trick!!! Another thing I am thankful for.

I think my homeopathy regimen is beginning to show results. Last night I had some key limeade with dinner, a few bites of sugar laden rhubarb pie and a very cheesy chicken enchilada casserole. All delicious, but dairy gives me a gassy tummy and sugar can exacerbate the hot flashes. Yet, I slept well. Really well. In the past I have battled dealing with adrenal fatigue. My hormones have been out of whack, I get exhausted, but too wired to sleep soundly, often waking four or five times a night. Pretty much the only remedy was stopping everything and spending a month at home, in jammies, doing only things which are emotionally non stressful. But, in spite of the house stuff, I seem to be doing better, handling the stress better, handling life better. Again, I am thankful to God for his mercies and provision of all that we need in life, including homeopathy. I started this part of my journey after reading a blog I can across on joettecalabrese.com. She is a great educator, and all of her stuff is downloadable and a lot is free. She also has classes you can take, which I will when life slows down a bit (meaning when the building process is done). I would add the link, but I haven’t yet figured out how that feature works yet, sorry!

Oh! I am thankful there are no bees buzzing around my food!

Last thought. I am thankful for summer Sabbath mornings. Cold sweet potato pie, breakfast on the shaded back patio, colorful blooming flowers, cats eating long grasses so they can go into the house later to puke it up in a location I won’t see until my bare foot lands in it. Crickets are chirping, doves are cooing, and the neighborhoods resident pheasant chimes in periodically with his distinct voice. My soul is at peace.

May you also find the confidence and humility you need to stay teachable during your journey on this earth, and may you find your “Sabbath morning” peace for your soul.