Autumn breather…

It looks like the last time I blogged was late August. That sentence almost rings out in my mind like a private confession of some transgression. Our family was enjoying a reunion, kids and cousins and friends. It was joyous and chaotic at the same time.

The goodbyes were said, tears were shed, and life got back to it’s pre-reunion routine. Somewhat.

Our property is progressing well. The shop is dried in for the winter, although we would still like to get the siding on and the house is being framed. Framing is an amazing process. For days it can look like nothing is happening and then BAM! The walls are up! I can walk through the front door opening, see where the rooms are going to be, and get a glimpse of what the views will be out the windows. The building process has been amazing. There are emotions that I cannot express, that well up inside me when I see what I have planned on paper take shape in three dimensions. It is truly awe inspiring.

I haven’t been involved much for the last month on site. Most of my job has been preparing electrical schematics, shopping lists, reviewing permit inspections, ordering windows, getting insulation estimates and paying everyone. That all changes next week. We have a plumber friend who is going to walk me through the rough in for the house. Soon after that, we will begin setting electrical outlet boxes, switches, etc and pulling wire. After that, the workers will start siding both buildings, roofing the house and setting the patio awning around the shop. I will then start managing the subcontractors scheduling.

For fun, I take time to pull more plums from the tree, and put together color samples of tiles and flooring and cabinetry and such for the final detailing. Right out of high school I took a college interior design class. I really thought that was the route I would follow, until I clearly heard God speak to me a solid “Nope”. One of a handful of times I have hear a clear voice. I got an A+ in the class, but went to work full time for a newspaper in their advertising department. Paid off my first car, moved into my own place with a couple roommates. Did some growing up, got married, had kids, got divorced, remarried, lived life. Several years ago I went through a home staging course and got a certificate, however the timing wasn’t right then either, and nothing became of it. And so I dabble with my own house(s).

Today, I have filled my belly with a delicious plum Dutch Baby breakfast, and am preparing to get to work pruning the fruit trees down, removing some unused firewood from the yard and moving some plant starts over to the property to overwinter. That’s one nice thing about perennial plants. I can cut off a chunk of the plant at this house, and next spring, when we plan to sell, you won’t be able to tell. And, I will have plants I love for the new place at no cost. Well, sorta no cost. My shoulder hurt for a few days after digging out a chunk of decorative grasses. If I have time, I may even try to get a final lawn mow in.

I hope you have a great day today! Find joy in the little things. Always look for the joy. It helps in dealing with this crazy world we live in.


Dreams realized…

It’s one thing to dream, and work towards that dream. But it is awe inspiring (at least for me) when that dream begins to take shape.

We have had pictures of what we wanted our house and shop to look like for the last year. Four months ago, they became blueprints, then permits. Permits turned to excavation, then underground utilities, and cement pouring. But this week, something seemingly magical happened. Walls went up. Now that all the prep work is workable, the framing began. First there were two walls across from each other, then a framed garage door space, then staircase walls. Next, the floor joists for the second story were hoisted to the top of that. Soon after the floor and exterior wall sheathing was applied, windows were cut.

All of a sudden, there is a room! With windows and doors! It was turning out exactly how I had imagined, and yet, I was still awed by the fact. I knew on paper the design worked, but to actually see it, to walk in it, wow.

The work will continue on the shop until it is dried in, hopefully in the next thirty days. Then, we move to the house to frame and dry in. That should go quicker, as it is single story, and much of the underground work has already begun.

This moment of blogging is for my sanity. Between the build, maintaining our current residence (lawns, gardens, pets, etc) and preparing for our daughter and her two little ones month long visit, I have been running around like a crazy lady with a wild look in my eyes. Today I realized that I need to take care of myself, which for me means, taking a moment to myself. Read, transfer photos from my phone to PC, take a nap, whatever. I probably need to make an appointment to remove the eyelash extensions that remain.

But every time I think of those walls, I think “Wow.” May you catch a glimpse of the reality of whatever dream you are working towards, and may you sense the “wow” and satisfaction of a job well done.