Yesterday… I was in a hurry getting my clothes hung out to dry that I didn’t see the Praying Mantis that has been hanging around our back porch. He was on the ground in front of my drying rack, and I stepped on him. I feel awful. For some reason this incident has had a profound effect on me. The other day, I showed him to the grands, they asked why he was hanging on the screen. We looked up what they ate and read about them. When we looked again, he was eating something. I developed a respect and appreciation for the majestic, yet carnivorous insect. And now, I may have ended his life…

Yesterday… My honey wanted to check out progress on the shop work. I showed him that we created a mechanical closet and decided on decorative beam sizes and locations. as we went outside so I could show him the pillars and how they were getting wrapped, I was surprised and thrilled to see that the long wall was completely sheathed, and half the battens were on too!! I didn’t realize they had gotten that much done before they left for the weekend.

Yesterday… After dropping my honey’s car off for an oil change and several maintainance items recommended for 120K miles, I came home and found three large bowls of produce on our kitchen counter! Beautiful green peppers, corn, cucumbers, zucchini and an entire bowl of blackberries! What a blessing. Seems some friends of ours wanted to bless us with the abundance of their garden. I immediately sent them a text thanking them.

Yesterday… When I went out to the garage for something, I saw the neighbor’s black cat heading our way for some food and petting. While dinner cooked in the Instant Pot, I sat on the front porch with her. After a few minutes of pets, she lied down on a stair and we both sat quietly, listening to a blackbird in a tree close by, with the periodic buzz of a fly near my head. It was warm in the shade, but pleasant. It was one of those perfect moments, and I was sure to thank Yahuah our Creator for that moment.

Yesterday… Since I like to get my Sabbath meals prepped the day before, I made time for cooking a few things. I had enough time to strip a precooked chicken down and prepare a casserole for my daughter in law for after she has a baby sometime in the next few weeks, make gluten free shortcakes and strawberries for this morning’s Sabbath breakfast, and start the crockpot with the chicken bones and skin to make some fresh chicken stock.

Yesterday… my honey and I walked after dinner, and were awed by seeing the sun setting behind our house. It looked huge, and was deep red colored due to smoke in the air. We could look right at it. It was spectacular.

I hope today, will become a beautiful yesterday for each of you also.


Dumb decisions…

Play dodgeball during recess, with a cast on my arm, a week before it was due to come off. Of course, I fell, and hurt the other wrist. I came home from the doctor’s appointment with the cast off, but a splint on the other.

Dumb decision.

Wear short shorts to the fair at the age of 14. I believe God protected me from my own stupidity here. Ugly things could have happened in that small town.

Dumb decision.

Making the choice to wear a camisole to work on our shop, in the sun, with no shade for five hours. I have only been this red one other time in my life. Owie!

Dumb decision.

Dumb decisions. We all make them. We all end up regretting them in the long run. But, they are what shape us into the human beings we are. It is those experiences that teach us, mold us, stretch us and make us better than before.

Always remember, dumb decisions do not mean we are dumb, it just means we are human. Learn from those mistakes and grow because of them.

May you see that dumb decisions are normal and choose to use them to be smarter!