Ahhhhh. That’s the sound that escaped my lips as I sat on the couch and kicked my feet up to talk to my daughter. It had been a very long day and my dogs were tired. I can tell by the pain that I am already feeling that I will need to take some of my Rhus Tox (a homeopathic remedy for stiffness that is better with motion) so that I can walk in the middle of the night. Maybe it will help my sore shoulder too. I have always had flat feet, and working all day long on them is very hard.

We are in the homestretch on finishing the shop. My worker texted this morning and said he could come by at 11. I wasn’t expecting him until tomorrow so I told him anytime today is bonus time for me. I told him the painters were finished and the paint was dry, the electricians are electricianing, and it is a beautiful day in my neighborhood (a nod to Mr. Rogers there). I felt a great sense of joy this morning knowing that we only have some final touches to do to be finished.

Cabinets need to be installed, and the plumbing fixtures put in, then we are ready to fire up the boiler for the in floor heat. The stair railing‘s go in next week, and I am in process getting carpeting arranged for the stairs and upper room. It is exciting, but it has been a long run. I am ready for it to be over.

I have things around the house I need to get done once I am finished building the shop. My new windshield is whistling and they need to inspect it, the cats need their nails clipped, I have a box of mending that is waiting it’s turn, and so much more.

Today I filled the diesel gas can, refilled both diesel heaters (my least favorite job), helped install a wood beam, went to the home improvement store to pick out a fan and light fixture for the bathroom, and ran a few other errands to prepare for a Hanukkah gathering. I found a beautiful, large fan for the balcony space. It looks like an old windmill that came out of an old barn. Some might say I happened on it by chance. I prefer to think that Yahweh my God led me to it to bless my honey.

Although my feet feel good being up on the couch, my day is not over. I have some sabbath preparation to start, and I told my honey I would go to a clients house with him in about a half hour. Time to power through.


Building update…

Whew! We have now lived in our new home for almost three months. Most of the boxes are unpacked, I finally feel organized. We got our garden beds into place, filled with compost, and planted tomatoes, cucumbers, various squashes and greens.

The weather finally dried the ground enough to get our final backfill around the buildings done in mid July. About an acre and a half of the space around the house has been rototilled and derocked in preparations for sprinklers and hydro seeding. The sprinklers will be running almost 24/7 to keep the new seed wet enough to sprout.

Many, but not all of the little odds and ends that we needed to do around the house has been done. I still need to trim around the base of cabinetry, and prime and paint the three drywall patches. I plan to make an acoustic panel for our great room to cut down on some of the echo in the large room.

I finally found someone to side the shop for us. It has been tough finding contractors/subs who have time in their schedules. Everyone is so crazy busy around here. The ductless heat pump system goes into the shop next week. Hopefully the insulators can come in the following week, and drywallers by the end of the month. Then it will be painters, electricians with final fixtures, plumbers to put the bathroom and kitchen fixtures in and the stair railing installations. Then carpet for the upstairs and cabinets.

I am still getting the gas line issue dealt with from the meter to the house. Once we can connect to the meter, we will have in floor heat for the shop and a working fireplace for the house. In reviewing remits for the house, I found that the heating company forgot to get a final inspection for the split system for the house. I informed them and they have renewed the expired permit and ordered the inspection for next week. I am so tired of permits and inspections.

Yah willing, we will have the bulk of the shop finished by the end of the year. I am looking forward to getting out of building mode and into maintenance mode. I hope you also have something that you can be looking forward to.

8am and all is well…

Have you ever noticed, that when you are super busy, if you stop to really think about it, you are even busier than you think?

It’s been a long week for me and I have to put it down tangibly to get it out of my head. I need to clear some “desktop” space so there is room for all the new stuff that needs to go there for a while.

There I was, laying in bed, at 6:30, praying and telling God how grateful I was for his multitudes of mercy towards me daily, when my grogginess was jolted by the sound of a wretching cat. I didn’t have to mentally mark the spot, as the grass she left behind would be enough. But, there is always a follow up puke. I stumbled to the bathroom to grab a washcloth to mark that one. Since I was near the bathroom, I took my homeopathic remedies for the day, and added one for the nasty looking spider bite I earned on my forearm while harvesting our strawberry bushes. I remember feeling a poke, but didn’t notice the results until last night.

But wait! I digress. Back to the cat. After taking my remedies, I slipped my Birks on (yes, I wear them indoors. I have horribly flat feet, and my ankles and knee start to hurt after just a couple hours without something orthopedic to help) and went downstairs to collect the necessary cleaning supplies for the cat vomit. A paper towel for the grass, smell remover/cleaner and a towel. Carpet cleaned? Check. Down the stairs I went, again, to put away all the supplies. Bring the newspapers in from the front porch? Check. Fill everyone’s water jugs for the day? Check. Get breakfast ready for my honey and I? Check.

And so much more! It’s the little, daily chores that really add up in a day. I won’t bore you with the rest of them. I did actually, force myself to sit down at the table to eat breakfast and read the comics, and organized my day. I am a written on paper checklist person. I don’t trust my phone reminders or calendar, I need it on paper.

Our house building project has been good for me, on a personal development level. I think I said this before, I feel like I am riding a wave, wanting to be in control, but only having a thread of true control. That has been a challenge for me, to learn to go with the flow. But I feel good about everything. Amazingly.

This week has been a whirlwind, with not much on each days list getting accomplished, because issues of urgency take precedence. The phone calls from our foreman to bring this, call them, pay for that, dealing with a list of conditions to clear for our mechanical permit, each one adding a phone call or more research, etc. Yesterday I wash Today, I am doing something for me. Writing in my blog, followed by weeding in my own yard. During the hot, summer months, I like to get out in the yard early, before the temperature soars. Once I head indoors, I will buckle down for some more paperwork and phone calls.

And, the call of the urgent has just come through. I have to meet my foreman to go over the blueprints for the house. Off to a coffee shop I go. The weeding will have to wait.

Why bother….

Ahhhhh. I am finally sitting for a few moments. Today was unexpectedly physical. My early morning trip to our build site was originally to take pictures of the footings being poured. We know the guy who runs the cement pump truck, and his wife had planned to come out to see the project. We had a few minutes of catching up time before the first cement mixer truck arrived. Then the fun began.

I took a short video of the cement blurting into the forms for my long distance grandson who LOVES all things construction machinery related. He is three and can’t be here to enjoy it in person. I noticed my guy had to reach into cement to steady the rebar, so I offered to hold it in place during the pour into the pillar forms. It’s a good thing I had dressed in my gardening clothes.

Since I was there, I decided to ask what else I could do. First I was put to work with a stick to level off the tops of the footings for the pillars, all 12 of them. After finishing that, I was graduated to hammering rebar into the cement at 18″ intervals. Midway through that chore, I saw they had run out of water for smoothing the cement, so I ran (ok, I drove) back to my house, two miles away and filled three five gallon buckets with water, grabbed a glass of matcha vegan protein with greens and raced back to the site.

It was close to 1:30 when I headed back home. I can already tell my shoulder is going to hurt, as well as the back of my thighs from squatting. I decided to take some Arnica 200 as a pre-pain precaution, then took a stroll around the park with my dad. Although it may sound like I am complaining about the work being strenuous, I am extremely grateful to my maker that I am still able to do that type of work. I changed into my Birkenstocks before my walk and was shocked to see how dirty my feet were, even though I wore shoes and socks. If they’re going to get that filthy anyway, why bother wearing them at all? But, then reason kicked in and I realize they aren’t to keep my feet clean, but to keep them from danger and injury. Dirt is why bathing was created.

As I sit on the couch typing this, I realize that the lawns need to be mown before I can take the much coveted epsom salt bath that my 53 year old muscles need so desperately. Lawn mowing is next on my agenda, followed by a soak. After that, I should probably try to get around to ironing my husband’s stack of work shirts. It is a good thing that he has tons of shirts, I know if it has to wait, he won’t have to go into work shirtless.

I had better get back on my feet before they strike and won’t let me. As exhausted as I know I will be at the end of the day, I am also hugely satisfied at being able to contribute to the physical building of our shop. Seeing the results of hard work is very gratifying.

May you also find something satisfying in your day today.

The dilemma…

My hubby and I rarely have a hard time making decisions. Every home we have bought together was an easy decision. We saw, we felt it was right, we bought. Same thing with the parcel of land we have. We saw it, we felt it was the one, we bought it. And that was no easy task. When we saw it, it already had an offer on it. At the end of the buyer’s contract, they still couldn’t get a loan, so the sellers gave them an extra thirty days. They got their loan, and promptly moved a camper and a water tank out to the property.

Their belongings remained on the property all summer. No, I wasn’t stalking them. The property sits within eyesight of a main road I have to travel to get to and from my grands. Anyhow, early fall I noticed their camper was gone. A week later the water tank and misc stuff was also gone. I told my honey, and he told me to write them a letter offering to buy it. I did, and a few days later they called saying they were just talking about selling. Turns out the wife wanted to have trees acreage, not prairie land. His exact words were, “happy wife, happy life”. We negotiated a price above what they had bought it for, but still at a price we would have paid for the property when we first saw it.

Fast forward four years. The property is now paid off and we are feeling we should build. We sold off the two rentals we had to cash in on the great market we have currently, so we have some cash to build. Our dreams are grandiose, a huge shop for working in and gathering with our extended family in for the holy days. A big house, with enough space for my dad to have some space of his own, and a bonus room over a three car garage for when our daughters family comes for an extended visit each year.

The dilemma, we don’t want to go back into debt. Several years ago we received an inheritance, and have been blessed with the wisdom to be able to increase its value over the years. We live in a home with no mortgage. It is expensive enough to live these days with all the required insurances, utility bills, food, etc. We really feel for people who are struggling with finances. We really don’t want a mortgage again. As we have begun the process of getting blueprints and getting estimates, we are coming to the realization that we may have to downsize our plans. Maybe build the house first, and the shop at a later date? Maybe build a considerably smaller shop and just keep celebrating in our house? Maybe have to compromise on what we are willing to live in space wise and aesthetically? We really need to make some decisions this weekend before the building permits are issued.

We are praying and seeking guidance from trusted people in our lives. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the change of seasons in whatever part of the world you live in. I know I am.