Grand grands…

Boy and their toys.

Feeding ducks and fish

Watching cartoons

We visited a different park every other day


Watching swim lessons

A banana bread baking contest between mom and Grammi

Dinosaurs and trains

Playing games and building toys

Origami straw rockets

Walks to the store

Noisy meals

Gourmet cooking

Little boys arguing

Covid…. sigh…

Shopping with our daughter

Lunch at a really cool Soba restaurant

Helping address and stamp my daughters New Years cards

A snot tsunami after a sneeze

Two boys howling like wolves

Origami monster corner bookmarks

Bey blades crazy

Walks to the post box

Veggie Tales Silly Songs with Larry

Quiet mornings for prayer before the family wakes

Reading a great book

Being buried in stuffed animals

Coloring via app during kid TV time

Watching cooking shows with our daughter and son (in-law) after after the boys bedtime

A weekend road trip to the place my father served in the Navy

A Japanese dollar store trip

Coffee… lots of coffee. Almost daily trips to a coffee shop.

Tiny and huge hotel rooms

Mountains, oceans and plains

Smallest elevator I have ever seen

Word of the day: Magnificent

Random outbursts into song and dance during meals

“I’m hungrier than a peacock eating snacks”

Pokémon chip cards

Guard Cat

Waking to two 4.4 earthquakes, that I originally thought were my cats scratching themselves on my bed.

Walking past the guard cat, seriously, with a pillow for a shield.

Gift giving and receiving.

Extravagant hospitality.

Aunts, uncles, cousins grandparents and great grandparents

Blowing bubbles

My father explaining crossword puzzles to his great grandsons

Wind and Sun

Used Kimono shopping with my daughter

Goodbye tears leaving them

Happy tears to see my honey again


Our Anniversary: Day 2…

My day began at 5ish. After a few wake ups, I finally decided to get out of bed. I quietly slipped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I helped myself to some cashew yogurt and fixed myself a bed on the couch. I figured I would lay down and pray until I hopefully fall back asleep. I put my earplugs back in, and pulled my sleep mask over my eyes.

It was 8:44 when I opened my eyes again. I could hear my honey reading the newspaper in the bedroom. I sneaked in for a quick snuggle, then made him some oatmeal. To my surprise, he decided to come out into the living room to eat instead of going back to sleep. We talked, then flipped through the tv channels available. We eventually landed on an original episode of Batman. We laughed so hard!!! Oh my! It was so ridiculous! And to think, as a child, I loved that show!

Around 10:30 we decided to check out the Sauna, which was a quick walk across the parking lot. One minute in, my honey decided he would prefer the hot tub. He left, I stayed. Until I realized he would prefer having me with him. So I hopped out the extra large, swimmable hot tub. There was a music channel of the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s playing. We both exercised our warmed muscles. Him his bad knee, me my bad ankle/foot. We swam around a bit, and played “who sang it?” One of our favorite games. I am fortunate that as my honey ages, his advantage in the game is giving way to a bit of forgetfulness. It levels the playing field a bit.

After showering, and changing clothes, we got in the car for a little explore. We took a back road into the nearest town and found a very old lodge on the lake. It was stunning, and we decided to eat lunch there. I had a lovely cauliflower crust “flatbread”. Not sure when pizza started being called flatbread, but it was delicious! Wild mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes with fontina cheese. I ate the whole thing and it didn’t bother my stomach. After walking the property and taking pictures, we drove into town to walk around.

It had a cute business area, about 3 blocks long, made to look like the old west. We were grateful that there were covered walkways everywhere, since it was a rainy day. We stopped at an ice cream place that had rave reviews. It was good, but not great. Between the sugar and milk, my gut started hurting. We decided to stop and buy some veggies at the local supermarket. I bought a salad, some cantaloupe chunks, and a small bowl of chicken wild rice soup. My honey bought a salad and a sandwich. We headed back to our condo to eat and ended up watching a mission impossible movie with a bowl of popcorn before retiring.

Twenty years…

Tuesday will be our twentieth wedding anniversary. My honey blessed me with a long weekend trip to Banff, Canada, to celebrate. We honeymooned there, many years ago, and have returned a few times since.

It was hard leaving. I was finishing up misc. building things up until we were ready to leave. I hate to admit it, but I also brought two little things with me to do while we were gone. To be honest, I knew the weather was going to be rainy, and we would probably have one full day in the hotel room, so I don’t feel too bad for bringing work with me.

Spanky cat wasn’t real happy with us. She was fine the day before we left, because I was the only one who has pulled out a suitcase. But when dad pulled one out too, she gave it to us. First, she jumped into his suitcase, pleading her case to come with us. When that didn’t work, she followed my honey around as he went around the house gathering his stuff to pack. She finally perched on a sweater I was going to wear, figuring I couldn’t leave if she was on it. She was wrong. She retreated to her bed donut, and watched us pack with her ears laid back. When we were ready to go, I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing my chin on her head. I whispered a little prayer of protection for her, then counted off the days until we would return to her. We have always counted off days until we return to our pets. I think it makes us feel better that they know how long we will be gone.

My honey is great at finding unique hotels to stay in. We stayed at The Fox. A beautiful lodge style hotel. We had a loft room, on the fourth floor. The views were spectacular! We were close to downtown, but not too close. We enjoyed some time in the semi outdoor hot pools, created to mimic some local cave hot springs. That always helps the achy joints that weren’t an issue twenty years ago. We made decisions about garage door styles, heating options for the house, design decisions for the house and more. The conversation flowed smoothly, and yet, we were also content to sit on the couch quietly reading, or watching a basketball game.

It was a nice weekend in spite of the rain. A much needed respite form the hustle and bustle we left behind, and would have to return to.

I hope you can find a time of respite from your hustle and bustle, even if it is only a few hours.