I’m not ready…

There is a good chance I will wake up to snow on the ground tomorrow. Not a lot, but some. I’m not ready for snow. Our lawn tractor conked out about three quarters of the way through our final mowing of our one acre lawn. We were mowing, then letting the clippings dry so we could bag and remove them. The mower can’t be serviced til December. I am making calls to lawn maintenance services to see if I can get someone to finish the job… before the snow flies… which I thought would be later… like maybe around thanksgiving. Yea. I’m just not ready for snow yet.


A Poem…

“Snow makes whiteness where it falls, and bushes look like popcorn balls, and places where I always play, look like somewhere else today.” Author _______

This poem is from the Little Golden Book “My Little Book of Poems”. I read the collection to my children at bed, many years ago, and was blessed to have many opportunities to read them to our older grands when they were young.

When I awoke to snow this morning, my strawberry bushes reminded me of the poem, and I wanted to share the joy with the world! So, here I am!