Special relationships…

Our cat came home today. Obviously sooner than I had hoped. Basically the vet kicked her out. Long story. Anyway. This time Spanky is somewhat adjusted to the collar, which won’t come off for anything. But she sits in the cage meowing. Constantly. It is her way of calling out to us. She meowed from 2:30-7:30.

You may be asking, what changed at 7:30. Her daddy went in to love on her. We opened the cage, he laid on the ground petting her face in the cone, and talking gently to her, while I gave her fresh water and cleaned up the food her cone spilled. When we closed the cage and left the room, she was silent. And has been for the last 30 minutes. I peeked in on her, and she is either asleep or dead. I choose to believe she is asleep. I guess I will find out in a while when I go in to go to bed.

My honey and Spanky just have a special relationship that I don’t have. He is like a cat whisperer. I wish I had that type of relationship, but I don’t. Sure, she loves me, but she has a different relationship with her daddy.

All I can say is that my God has answered my prayers. Hopefully she will sleep for a good portion of the night.


Amazing deliciousness!!!

I am mostly sugar free for hormonal reasons. No, I don’t fly off the handle in rantings or anger, I just turn into a walking space heater if I have sugar. As any doctor would diagnose, “you’re just not a spring chicken any more.” Thanks for stating the obvious. I could have had my adult kids diagnose that one for free.

Anyway, I had the delightful pleasure of having two of our grands overnight last night. As is our tradition, I usually fix a special breakfast for them, usually food I would never eat due to sugar content. Yesterday they decided banana chocolate chip pancakes were to be on the menu. We picked up the ingredients last night between torrential downpours, and went to bed after some Grandpa time playing corn hole and competing by answering the questions while watching Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

Morning dawned with more clouds and dampness, so hot pancakes would be perfect for breakfast. I had looked up a recipe online and printed it out. I decided to double the recipe. Past experience dictated that. It is better to have extra pancakes than to not have enough. The recipe was easy to follow, and the skillets were heated. The first batch always tends to brown a bit too much, and those are usually the ones I will nibble on while cooking the rest. I took a bite…

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Those were amazingly delicious!! I don’t know if it was because I haven’t had any sugar or chocolate for quite sometime, or if it was because they were moist, cakey and fantastically delicious, but I knew at that moment that I would have to share the recipe I found with the world!!!!


Thank you JustSoTasty for this little taste of heaven on earth!! These were well worth the hot flashes!

Enjoy blogging buddies!

P.S. I made this with gluten free flour! And I know it may seem silly, but I consider these curtains utterly delicious too!