A miracle…

No limbs grown back. No healing of cancer. No one miraculously escaped death. Although those are all miracles, those are fewer and farther between than the daily miracles of life. Snowfall. Flowers blooming. The purr of a cat that relieves stress. These too are miracles, but are so often overlooked because we are often looking for the spectacular.

Over the past month, I could tell my contractor, who is also roofing our new home was dragging his feet getting on the roof. He would tell me stories of roofing in the snow and cold, give me assurances that he could get it done, but when the weather was less than perfect he came to work indoors. There were always perfectly rational reasons, or excuses, why he wasn’t up there. After discussing it with him a couple of times, and getting the same stories and assurances and excuses, I finally said I was going to try to find another roofer who could finish the job. He said good luck.

Our area has been in a major building boom for the last three years. I knew how hard it would be to find anyone who had an opening In their schedule. Yesterday I made about ten calls, leaving ten messages. The eleventh call had a human answer. I explained the situation and he said that it was weird that I called that day, as he had just finished his last job, and the other twelve jobs he has scheduled had decided to wait til spring. Within an hour, he was onsite to review the project and he and his crew will start Monday. The tears flowed realizing the miracle (at least to me it was one) that had just happened.

Hopefully it will be a fairly dry week so the floor inside can start to dry out. Once that happens, I can really work the electrical without worry. I will have to check if the floors are still level, or if there is water damage. If there is, I will have the hard conversation and make my contractor replace the plywood. God willing, they dry plumb.

For me, it is these little miracles, that remind me of our Creator’s love for us. Just like my dad who shows his love by running to the supermarket for me, or cooking an extra night during the week. Or my honey, who scoops me up in his arms and softly whispered into my ear how much he loved me, how proud he was of me for spearheading this project, how it didn’t matter if everything goes wrong and we lose it all, he would still be happy as long as we were together. Allowing me to weep into his shoulder as he said, “everything is going to be ok”. A miracle I so desperately needed that night.

I am more content when I see little things as miracles. Perspective can change everything. At least it does for me. I am more content when I see little things, little miracles, as reminders of God’s extravagant love for me. If we can see these little miracles of life for what they are, it will bring a smile to your face, a sense of awe into life, contentment. Choose awe, choose contentment, chose to see the little miracles of life all around you! A baby sleeping, a dog chasing a frisbee, a wave breaking on the sand, a bird in flight. Take a walk, leave your phone at home, and really look around you. Speak out loud “I am so thankful for the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze”. Address your gratitude towards our Creator if you believe. I hope you too can see the miracles that surround us in this amazing world.


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